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32 Wonderful 11 Year Anniversary Gifts For Your Loved One

While celebrating a decade of marriage is often seen as one of the biggest moments in a couple’s relationship, the other years shouldn’t go unnoticed either. An 11th wedding anniversary is definitely worth the same celebration! Finding an 11 year anniversary gift can be difficult, especially after celebrating the 10 year milestone last year. 

If this commemoration is just around the corner and you’re feeling uncertain about how to honor the love that you share with your spouse, we’re here to help! Take a peek at our recommendations for 11 year anniversary gifts!

If you and your spouse have decided to exchange a meaningful gift that follows the traditional theme, your anniversary ideas should be made out of metal. 

In the same way as aluminum gifts for a 10th wedding anniversary, this precious metal is meant to symbolize the durability and strength of your marriage. 


Traditional 11th Anniversary Gifts for Her

Unlike the traditional themes for other years, the possibilities for 11 year anniversary gifts might seem endless.

If you need help with narrowing down your options, we’ve come to the rescue with our recommendations for 11th anniversary gifts!


Tassel Necklace

Who wouldn’t love to receive a tassel necklace as an 11 year anniversary present? She’ll adore wearing this charming piece of steel jewelry long after your romantic celebration. 


Mesh Bracelet

For a touch of romance during your personal commemoration, consider giving her a mesh bracelet. These modern gifts pair well with all kinds of attire!


Leaf Earrings

Give her the full experience of an 11th wedding anniversary by giving your wife a pair of leaf earrings. Don’t think twice about choosing this gorgeous gift if you tied the knot during a garden ceremony


Ice Cream Scoop

If your romantic partner has a sweet tooth, chances are that she’ll cherish an ice cream scoop as her 11 year wedding anniversary present. Don’t forget to customize this kitchen utensil with her name or a special message!



Pay tribute to your eco-friendly wedding day by picking a reusable idea like a steel straw for her 11 year anniversary present. This idea works for anybody who is looking for a gift idea with an affordable price that’ll fit a certain budget. 


A list of traditional 11th anniversary gifts feels incomplete without mentioning kettles. Purchase one with a pop-up lid so she won’t have to worry about accidentally burning herself. 


Kabob Baskets

Show your support for your wife’s love of cooking by choosing kabob baskets as her 11 year anniversary gift. This piece of kitchenware will look amazing as she prepares these Middle Eastern dishes.


Herb Chopper

Play up the steel theme of your 11th wedding anniversary by ordering a herb chopper for your spouse. She’ll owe all of her delicious meals during lunch and dinner to your practical gift. 

Traditional 11th Anniversary Gifts for Him

The sky becomes the limit with a precious metal like steel for your perfect gifts!

Here’s a round-up of our recommendations for 11th anniversary gifts!


Swiss Army Knife

Nothing feels more fitting as steel gifts for an 11 year anniversary than a Swiss army knife. This tool will definitely come in handy during any of his trips in the great outdoors! 


Zero Gravity Chair

Zero gravity chairs are no strangers to these personal commemorations as traditional 11th anniversary gifts. Go with one that has a removable tray and cup holder for the sake of his convenience! 


Beer Stein

Show the strength of your love by gifting him with a beer stein during your 11th wedding anniversary. Your husband will jump for joy after receiving this traditional-styled mug! 



Go the extra mile with your 11th anniversary gift ideas by purchasing a bicycle for your husband. He’ll be smiling for the days to come when using this thoughtful present. 


Horseshoe Hat Rack

If you’re searching for traditional 11th anniversary gifts that would remind you of your rustic country wedding day, look no further than a horseshoe hat rack. This decor will also give him the chance to show off his hat collection!


Fire Striker

Embrace the steel theme of your 11 year anniversary by finding a fire striker for your spouse as his traditional gift. Don’t forget to include the flint! 


Business Card Holder

Make the most of your 11th anniversary theme by ordering a business card holder for your romantic partner. These modern gifts are perfect for anybody who doesn’t want their ideas to only be used a few times and eventually forgotten. 


 Tongue Drum

When looking for 11th anniversary gift ideas, don’t hold back from buying something that reflects his love for music. This creative present will definitely leave a lasting impression on your husband!

Other 11 Year Anniversary Gifts For Her

If steel anniversary gifts won’t make your wife jump for joy, just know that you don’t have to settle on that theme!

Take a look at our list of gift ideas for 11th year anniversary celebrations!

White Noise Sound Machine

Get creative with your 11th anniversary gift ideas by purchasing a white sound noise machine for her. Be sure to buy a model that includes relaxing sounds of rain, ocean waves, campfires, and more!

Facial Mister

If your spouse is a makeup enthusiast, she’ll love nothing more than a facial mister as her 11th anniversary present to include in her daily routine. These accessories come in a portable size that’ll fit right into any of her handbags. 


Jewelry Cleaner

Jewelry cleaners were made to be given out as an 11th wedding anniversary gift. Keep any special gifts clean with this useful tool, or even clean your wedding jewelry!


Origami Clock

When it comes to 11th anniversary gift ideas, an origami clock never fails with being creative and impressive. She won’t be able to take her eyes off this wall decor. 

3D Illusion Lamp

Add some flair to her office space by gifting her a 3D Illusion lamp as her 11 year anniversary gift. This decoration will surely start some conversations between your spouse and her co-workers. 


French Bread Slicer

Nobody can pass up a French bread slicer as an 11th anniversary present. Make sure to purchase a bamboo version so this piece of kitchenware can be extremely durable and water resistant. 


Vintage Hand Mirror

Keep your 11 year anniversary gift ideas short and simple by finding a vintage hand mirror for your wife. It’s hard to imagine a better ode to your retro wedding day!


Candle Lantern

Who could say to being given a candle lantern as an 11 year wedding anniversary gift? Don’t shy away from finding a style that matches the centerpieces that you used for your reception tables! 

Other 11 Year Anniversary Gifts For Him

Traditional 11th anniversary gifts aren’t your only option. Plenty of presents with a modern theme are going to make his heart soar in exactly the same way!

Discover your inspiration for 11th anniversary gift ideas today!



Get him ready for his next vacation on the slopes by choosing a snowboard as his 11 year wedding anniversary gift. He’ll definitely feel loved and appreciated after receiving this wintertime present. 



Most people wouldn’t imagine a hammock as their first choice for 11 year anniversary gifts, but these canvas beds prove to be inexpensive and useful. Your spouse will definitely be in a good mood when getting some use out of your outdoor present! 


Duffle Bag

For a husband who hits the gym in his free time, a duffle bag is never a bad choice as his 11th wedding anniversary present. Pick a waterproof version so he won’t have to worry about any damages caused by wet clothes and towels. 


Fiberglass Chopsticks 

If your spouse is a fan of Asian cuisine, fiberglass chopsticks are hard to beat as 11th anniversary gifts. These reusable utensils will certainly win him over! 


Record Coasters

You can never go wrong with buying record coasters as your husband’s 11 year wedding anniversary gift. This interesting decor won’t feel out of place in your dining room and other living spaces. 


Hiking Boots

Everybody needs a new pair of hiking boots from time to time so think about gifting one to your husband as his 11 year anniversary present. He’ll enjoy every minute of wearing this outdoor apparel! 


Echo Dot

Take your 11th anniversary gift ideas to the next level by picking out an Echo Dot for your romantic partner. He’ll certainly appreciate the conveniences of using this Amazon technology.



Give your spouse a serious style upgrade with a new raincoat as his 11th wedding anniversary present. Don’t hesitate to order this outerwear in his favorite color! 

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