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41 Impressive Ideas for a 12 Year Anniversary Gift

While every anniversary is definitely worth the celebration, a dozen years together as a married couple feels extra special for many husbands and wives. A 12th anniversary gift should reflect that significance! 

If you’re planning on giving each other a 12 year anniversary gift but have no idea where to start looking, you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to help with our list of 12th anniversary gift ideas!

When celebrating their 12 year anniversary, some couples like the idea of exchanging gifts that are made out of a traditional material. 

If you and your spouse feel the same way, your 12th anniversary gift ideas should involve silk. These protein fibers, which are held together by woven threads, are meant to symbolize the strong bond that you share with each other. 

Another traditional gift for celebrating 12 years is fine linen – fine linens that are not silk are also a great gift to celebrate a happy marriage. 

Other traditional gifts include pearls or jade gemstone gifts. 


Traditional 12th Anniversary Gifts For Her

If you already know that your spouse would be happier with something else besides silk pillowcases or bed sheets,  just know that you don’t have to settle for either of those choices. 

Get inspired from reading our list about 12 year wedding anniversary gift ideas!


Butterfly Earrings 

Butterfly earrings are a creative twist on the types of jewelry that are usually given out as 12th wedding anniversary presents. This option feels especially nostalgic for couples who exchanged their vows during springtime

Silk Scarf

There’s nothing like a silk scarf to celebrate the silk anniversary! This luxurious gift is the perfect accessory to celebrate this special occasion.  



Keep your 12th anniversary gift sweet and simple by purchasing a silk bangle for your wife. This accessory will certainly add some flair to her everyday outfits. 



If your wife hasn’t dropped the hint about what kind of traditional 12th anniversary gifts will make her heart soar, a silk blouse always becomes a safe decision. Just be aware that this material won’t be able to stretch. 


Silk or Linen Sheets

Silk and linen sheets are the perfect home good to celebrate 12 years of marriage! You’ll get a great night’s sleep on these ultra-comfortable, high end sheets. Whether you choose silk or linen, you won’t be disappointed. This is a great gift for him, her, or them!

Cargo Pants

Surprise the most important woman in your life by giving her a pair of cargo pants as your silk anniversary gifts. She’ll love wearing this comfortable garment during every season of the year.



Play up the silk theme of your 12 year anniversary celebration by finding her a pair of sandals made of these soft materials. Your loved one will enjoy this perfect gift even more if you tied the knot during a beach espousal

Scrunchie Headband

When looking at your 12th anniversary gift inspiration, a scrunchie headband never fails as an option. This fashionable accessory will pair well with any of her outfits.

Heatless Hair Curler

Make the most of your 12th wedding anniversary commemoration by giving heatless hair curlers to your spouse. The silk materials of this modern gift are especially helpful with preventing any frizzness. 


Face Washcloths

Add a touch of tradition to your 12 year wedding anniversary by choosing face washcloths as your quality silk gifts for her. These presents are wonderful with every kind of skin type! 

Linen Home Decor

For another linen anniversary gift, decorate your home with a linen sign, perhaps one custom made to celebrate your wedding anniversary! You can get custom signs on Etsy with your wedding date on it like the one pictured.

Traditional 12th Anniversary Gifts For Him

Although these traditional gifts are typically associated with wives instead of husbands, silk presents are still guaranteed to bring a smile to his face! 

Here’s a round-up of our favorite ideas that follow a traditional theme! 


Polo Shirt

Bring some traditional charm to your 12th year anniversary date by ordering him a polo shirt. It’s hard to imagine a more stylish possibility for your spouse! 



Who wouldn’t be absolutely thrilled to receive a pair of silk boxers as a 12 year anniversary gift? Keep in mind that he’ll have to handwash this luxurious gift. 


Glove Liners

Get your husband ready for the coldest months of the year by purchasing a fair of glove liners. These garments are built to stretch so he won’t have to worry about any skin irritation. 


Pocket Square

Give him a serious style upgrade by finding a silk pocket square as his 12th wedding anniversary present. There’s nothing about this classic gift that your romantic partner won’t love! He can wear it as a guest at your next wedding.


Sunglasses Case

If your spouse would prefer a simple idea for his traditional 12 year anniversary gifts, a sunglasses case will certainly do the trick. He’ll definitely thank you for giving him a gift that keeps his accessories safe!

Silk Eye Mask

If your partner has trouble sleeping or a schedule that has him sleeping during daylight hours, consider getting him a silk eye mask! Silk is comfortable and good for your skin, and it will block out light so he can get some shut eye.


Guitar Strings

Show your support for his musical hobby by gifting him with silk guitar strings as his 12 year wedding anniversary present. It’ll create a warm and mellow sound that your husband will love! 



Host the ultimate 12th anniversary celebration by giving him a silk notebook as a thoughtful gift. Make sure to purchase one with ivory paper so the pages won’t rip easily! 


Money Belt

Embrace the silk theme of your 12th year anniversary celebration by ordering a money belt for your husband. Think about picking a waterproof version so he can enjoy this accessory throughout all kinds of weather! 

Linen Suit

If you’re searching for a linen anniversary gift, a linen suit is a great gift for him! This lightweight material is perfect for summer weddings, and it’s totally in style right now.

Other 12th Anniversary Gifts For Her

If silk doesn’t scream “romantic gift” to your wife, another kind of 12 year wedding anniversary present will certainly leave a better impression on her. 

Check out our suggestions for 12 year anniversary gifts!


Leg Elevation Pillow

Give your spouse the rest and relaxation that she deserves by purchasing a leg elevation pillow as her 12 year anniversary gift. This thoughtful present will definitely take her over the moon. 


Pearl or Jade Picture Frame

Why not commemorate twelve years together with a photo in a nice frame? Find a frame with the 12 year stones like mother of pearl or jade and place your favorite wedding photo inside, or another nice photo from the last 12 years together. Share the photo on your date night and talk about all the memories from your time together!

Zen Drawing Board

If your wife likes to be artistic in her free time, nothing is a better idea for a 12 year anniversary present than a Zen drawing board. She’ll enjoy every minute of using this wonderful gift! 


Latitude and Longitude Sign

Pay tribute to your travel-themed wedding day by ordering a latitude and longitude sign as her 12 year anniversary gift. Your spouse will be more than happy to display this decoration outside of your home. 


Meditation Bench

Splurge for your loved one by picking a mediation bench as her 12th wedding anniversary present. Go with one that includes a soft removable cushion for the sake of her comfort! 


Pearl Earrings

The pearl is relevant for this anniversary, and you can’t go wrong with timeless pearl earrings! Other jewelry would work as well.

If pearls aren’t her style, consider jade gemstone jewelry instead for the modern take on this anniversary!

Tea Strainers

You can never go wrong with choosing tea strainers as your 12 year anniversary gift for her. Don’t hesitate to pick this inexpensive alternative if you’re looking to stay within a specific budget. 


Compact Seated Elliptical 

Take your ideas for 12th anniversary gifts to the next level by buying her a compact seated elliptical. Your loved one will get plenty of use from this thoughtful present especially if she works from home. 

Sauce Press 

A sauce press might not be the first possibility that comes to mind with 12 year anniversary presents but this piece of kitchenware proves to be extremely helpful for homemade meals. She won’t have to worry about bending or breaking this stainless steal gift! 


Self-Watering Herb Pot

Look outside of the box by considering a self-watering herb pot as a potential option. This present becomes especially helpful if she’s constantly on the go! 


Did you know that the peony is the flower for twelve years of marriage? A bouquet of these gorgeous flowers is a great gift – you really can’t go wrong with flowers. Pair peonies with the flowers from your wedding day for a personal touch to show you care and that you still remember that special day!

If you really want to stick to the theme, get her silk peonies! They’ll last a lifetime – just like your love for one another.

Other 12th Anniversary Gifts For Him

If the sound of silk presents doesn’t sound appealing to your husband, don’t shy away from finding alternatives that will express your love and devotion in the same way!

Take a look at our recommendations for other kinds of 12 year anniversary gift ideas!


LED Beanie

An LED beanie is hard to beat for a spouse who enjoys running in his free time. Order one that matches your wedding color palette as the ultimate throwback to your special day!


Collar Stay

Collar stays are no strangers to 12 year anniversary celebrations as thoughtful gifts of choice. Magnetic versions will work with button-down garments, dress shirts, sportswear, and more! 


12 Year Aged Whiskey

If your partner loves a nice whiskey, consider getting him a high end bottle for your anniversary! A whiskey aged 12 years is fitting for your 12th year together.

Sheepskin Insoles

Who could say no to receiving a pair of sheepskin insoles as a 12 year anniversary present? Your loved one will definitely appreciate this special gift as a reminder to your wintertime wedding ceremony


Weighted Cup Holder

If your husband is a fan of watching professional sports, chances are that he’ll cherish a weighted cup holder as his 12th wedding anniversary present. This possibility works with mugs, tumblers, flasks, and other kinds of drinkware! 

Carbon Eyeglass Cleaner

A 12th year anniversary gift doesn’t have to include a hefty price tag to be appreciated by your loved one. He’ll enjoy a present like a carbon eyeglass cleaner long after the end of your romantic celebration. 


Biodegradable Grill 

If you’re searching for eco-friendly possibilities as an ode to your wedding day, don’t think twice about choosing a biodegradable grill. This 12 year anniversary present doesn’t require any lighter fluid either! 


Spinning Glass

Keep your happy anniversary celebration going by giving him a spinning glass. All of your husband’s friends will be jealous of him owning this luxurious piece of glassware! 


Grass Gauge

When looking for 12th anniversary gift ideas, don’t shy away from considering a grass gauge that’ll make his outdoor chores easier. He won’t have to worry about bending or breaking this steel measuring tool!


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