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Best Places to Register for a Wedding

Shopping for your life after your wedding may seem like work, but with wedding registries, shopping can be made easy and enjoyable. Whether you are needing decorations and appliances for your home or some extra cash for your honeymoon, these ten websites are simple and convenient for your wedding registry. 

The best places to register for a wedding depend on what you’re looking for, but our list features varied items and services that make great wedding gifts.

Don’t stress yourself on your big day with endless planning arrangements. Make your perfect registry easy with these recommended websites and you will be ready to take your honeymoon adventure or furnish your new home in no time. 

10 Convenient Websites for Your Wedding Registry

Once you have an idea of what you are planning to do with your wedding registry, such as furnish your home or take your dream vacation, search through these websites to find the best fit. With just a click of a button, you will be on your way to being registered for your wedding. 


Zola Wedding Registry

Zola screenshot

Zola makes it easy for the engaged couple to kickstart their online registry. Using this free website, the experts at Zola will help you build your wedding registry with a 20% off discount on the registered items up to six months after the wedding. 

To add on, you do not have to use all of the gift items from Zola. If you have found a wedding gift from another website, you can add that item to the registry at Zola, making shopping convenient for you and your guests.

Keep it simple and easy with Zola Wedding Registry so you will be set for your big wedding day and your married future. 



Blueprint screenshot

Blueprint Registry is a David Bridal company that helps you build your wedding registry in one place, making your wedding plans simple. If you already have a registry, you can import it to this website or start from scratch. It can also provide templates and steps to build a personalized wedding website if you and your partner feel that it is beneficial. 

Blueprint Registry also allows over 5,000 products from any retailer or brand of your choosing. You can even set up a cash registry for your honeymoon or charity. With low processing fees, Blueprint Registry is a convenient and quick way to register for your wedding. 


Bed Bath and Beyond

BedBath&Beyond screenshot

Do you want the option to register online or in-person? Bed Bath and Beyond can make that happen without any private appointment needed. Not only will the store provide useful steps to build your registry, but they will also format it as a checklist so you can easily keep track of what you need.

Bed Bath & Beyond offers home furniture and products, such as wall decorations or coffee makers, to ensure your future home all the essentials. 

Don’t know what to add to the list? Well, this store has you covered by providing suggestions and inspirations to help you decide the products to put on the list. If you are seeking the perfect place for your wedding registry consisting of home decor, definitely check out Bed Bath and Beyond to register your wedding. 



Amazon screenshot

As one of the leading online retail stores, Amazon offers a universal way to register for your wedding. They offer the world’s largest selection for newlyweds, including home decor and appliances. Not only is shipping free, but you get a 20% discount off of any products that are left on the registry after the wedding. 

This option also makes it easy for guests to find your Amazon registry online.

If there are any products that do not meet your satisfaction, the items can be easily returned and you will get your money back shortly. Amazon also suggests popular registries and gifts for inspiration and a 15% discounted custom photo gift. Build your registry at Amazon for a stress-free wedding. 



MyRegistry screenshot

Like Blueprint, MyRegistry is an online site that allows you to build your wedding registry with products from any store of your choosing. If you already have a registry created, you can sync it to MyRegistry for convenient planning. You can even set up cash gifts, such as honeymoon fund, college fund, new home fund, charity fund, etc. 

MyRegistry also has an app that you can download for free to easily manage your registry. Register for your wedding all in one place to find everything you are searching for and have quick access to what has been purchased or left in the cart. 



Target screenshot

Whether you register for your wedding in-store or online, Target makes the process easy and quick. Not only can you add items from other stores onto your Target registry, but you can also group together guests to purchase larger items.

To add on, there is a 15% off discount for the items that are leftover and a free return or exchange for up to a year. 

With the Target app, you can manage your registry by scanning bar codes for prices and checking on who purchased each item. You can even personalize your page for additional aesthetics. Build your wedding registry at Target to minimize the stress of your big day!



Walmart screenshot

Walmart is the perfect place to build your new home. Selections range from bedding to kitchen to bathrooms. If you have a child on the way, there are also many options for the necessities any mother and father will need. Walmart makes it simple by having you select your own registry through their website or their app.

The store also offers popular items as inspirational suggestions for your wedding registry. For pricing, you can scan items in-store with your phone using the app. For your everyday essentials, make your wedding registry easier with the Walmart app or through their website. 



HoneyFund screenshot

Need money for your honeymoon? Build a cash fund through Honeyfund to make your adventure easier. Honeyfund is the most trusted honeymoon and cash registry for over fifteen years. You can customize your wishlist without having guests paying any processing fee. 

Also, there is no waiting period to receive your money for the wedding travel plans. If you would rather set up a gift registry, you can also do that here by syncing products or a gift card from any store of your choosing. Take a couple’s vacation using Honeyfund as a simple way to register for your wedding. 



Etsy screenshot

Etsy is a wonderful place to find new and creative gifts for your home decor. You can find any crafty wall decoration or table centerpiece while supporting small businesses and artists universally. 

This website is a cheap and creative way to build your home with a wedding registry. Etsy also offers personalized tips for shopping on their website with unique gift suggestions. Let your creative style flow by registering for your wedding through Etsy. 


ACME Fine Wines

ACME Fine Wines screenshot

Looking for a more sophisticated registry list? With the Wine Gift experts from ACME Fine Wines, you will be able to build your wine collection in a convenient way. Not only will you be able to choose your own wine, but the package will also come with a personalized card and backstory on each wine. 

Other gift items can include a much-needed corkscrew, hats, and a customized gift box for its arrival. This is the perfect place for guests who want to send a simple gift that can be shared by the happy couple. 


Common Questions About Registering for a Wedding

wedding gift registry

Answers to common questions surrounding building your wedding registry!


Why do you need a wedding registry?

Wedding registries help the bride and groom start their new future without struggling financially. There are many items that a couple will need to start their married life like furniture or house appliances. Also, wedding registries can be used to help fund honeymoons or charities.

Some couples go without a wedding registry, which is fine too! Keep in mind, however, that it can be difficult for guests to choose gifts without the help of a registry.


When should I start my wedding registry?

It is best to set up your registry at least a month or two away from your wedding date to leave your friends and family enough time to purchase from the list. Take your time to plan what you will need, but do not leave your wedding registry as a last-minute plan.


How many items should I register for?

Consider how many of your friends and family will purchase from the registry. You should have more items than the number of shoppers to give choices for each person.

Also, take into consideration how large each item will be. If you need an item that will cost a large amount, multiple people should pitch in a little bit of money for that one item, which will decrease how many items you put on the registry.



Planning a wedding is already stressful. Make the wedding planning process easier by using these stores to register for your wedding.

With today’s current technology, you can customize your own registry and add items from many brands onto one single list. To top it off, you can keep track of who has bought each gift and be discounted on any remaining items.

Keep it simple by building your registry online or in-store of any of these places.

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