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10 Fantastic Wedding Websites for Brides

Looking to create a custom wedding website for your big day? Here are our favorite wedding websites for every type of bride! 

wedding website on computer

Creating a wedding website is a new trend for newly engaged couples. After you get engaged, one of the first steps is to get your wedding website up and running. This is the place that wedding guests and family members will go to find out all of the details about your wedding.

On your wedding website, you can upload an engagement story, RSVP information, members of your wedding party, wedding registries, and other wedding details. A personalized website will make it easy to upload all of your wedding information and make it go along with your wedding colors.

Important information such as lodging for guests, wedding day timelines, online RSVPs, and the gift registry will all be easily accessible to your wedding guests on your website.  

When to Create a Wedding Website

wedding planning app

Typically when newlywed couples decide to create a wedding website, they have a wedding date in mind. This can be right after you get engaged, or it can be a year after. Whenever you are ready to send out your save the dates, that is when you should have your wedding website ready to upload.

When you are ready to announce your upcoming nuptials, there are many wedding website options to choose from. There are many tools and templates that offer modern designs. Wedding planning is much easier with a wedding website to upload all of your materials and information to. 

Here are 10 of the best premium services for wedding websites. These generic website builder sites have many invitation options and wedding-specific templates to choose from.


minted wedding website

If you want a website design that matches the luxurious designs of your wedding stationery, use Minted. This site allows couples to use it for free, but it also offers premium features that are available for a one-time fee of $15. 


  • Unique and beautiful designs
  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • Design templates that will perfectly match your wedding stationery 


  • Have to pay a one-time fee of $15 if you want a custom URL
  • No wedding registry on the website, you have to manually enter
  • Hard to customize the templates


wix wedding website

Wix is an extremely easy generic site builder. It makes it easy to design a custom site based on templates. This site offers a lot of templates that are easy to customize. 


  • Can upload unlimited photos
  • Premium allows you to have a custom URL
  • Allows you to see the website being built as it is
  • Modern wedding website designs


  • If you do not buy the premium, the site has a watermark banner and you are unable to edit the URL
  • No custom wedding features such as an online registry

Basic Invite

basic invite screenshot

Basic Invite allows you to create gorgeous custom wedding websites. Originally created to make custom wedding invitations, this website has gorgeous bridal templates to choose from.


  • Has lots of beautiful templates to choose from (500+)
  • Matching print invitations offered with your website template
  • Highly customizable
  • Lots of fonts, colors, and features for brides to use


  • May be harder to use than other wedding websites (not as user-friendly)


zola wedding website

This wedding registry site has lots of options for brides who want a functional website. Zola will allow your guests to easily access lots of useful information about your big day.


  • Over 300 designs and templates
  • Matching paper stationery
  • Password protected
  • Wedding planning tools
  • Can host virtual wedding events


  • Cannot customize colors or fonts, just choose templates
  • If you don’t want to use the Zola registry, it may be hard to attach the registry manually

The Knot

the knot website screenshot

This wedding site has lots of useful wedding planning information and now offers custom wedding website design! Consider using The Knot.


  • Lots of designs and wedding templates available
  • Wedding app that goes along with your site
  • Matching stationery that goes with your template color scheme


  • No custom URL
  • RSVP form cannot be customized


squarespace screenshot

Squarespace is a generic website builder website offers unlimited options for every kind of bride. Use this site for lots of interactive features which makes it a perfect option for couples. This site costs $16 per month, or $12 annually. 


  • Customizable wedding templates
  • Gorgeous fonts, colors, and limited features
  • Can connect your Instagram
  • Free, personalized URL
  • Registry with Zola


  • Wedding templates may be hard to find
  • No free option

Wedding Wire

wedding wire screenshot

Wedding Wire is a beautiful and easy to use website allows you to peruse wedding inspiration, create your own customized website, create an online registry, and offers guest list management, making it an ideal choice for couples. It is free, but it also has a premium plan that costs $24. 


  • Password protected website feature
  • Wedding planning tools made by wedding professionals


  • Limited amount of wedding website templates


joy screenshot

This wedding planning website is perfect for couples who just want to use their iPhone or Android to create a website. Joy creates an app for guests to use and offers useful features.


  • Able to be updated within the app
  • Wedding website builder allows multiple users to edit the website (wedding planner, your spouse, parents)
  • Allows guests to upload photos of the bride and groom
  • Matching printed stationery


  • Mostly floral templates
  • No custom URL
  • No specific RSVP

Riley & Grey

riley and gray screenshot

According to their website, Riley & Grey allows you to “build a beautiful wedding website, effortlessly.” You will be able to “showcase your story and your style, take care of guests, and breeze through wedding planning with our smart and stress-free features.”


  • Lots of great options for templates
  • Matching printed stationery available
  • Has an online RSVP option for your site that lets you create multiple events
  • Great fun RSVP style that lets guests fill in the blank and personalize their response


  • No free option for couples
  • Somewhat expensive (costs $35 per month and $240 annually)
  • Cannot customize fonts or colors

Appy Couple

appy couple screenshot

According to their website, “Appy Couple takes all your wedding planning needs, across friends, family and vendors, and consolidates them into one dynamic package. We eliminate the stress of creating multiple accounts to do individual tasks like managing your guest list, sending invitations, collecting RSVPs, sharing your itinerary, accommodations, event pictures…so on and so on. We bring it all together in an interactive website and mobile app for you and your guests.”


  • Lots of options for designs and templates
  • Comes with an app option
  • Easily editable
  • Allows you to send digital save the dates


  • No free option available
  • Guests have to download the app for it to work

5 Steps to Create a Wedding Website

wedding website and app

If you are beginning to create a wedding website, there are a few steps to remember.

Choose a Website to Use

The first step of creating your wedding website is to find a platform to use. There are many different types of websites for every type of bride. 

Choose a Template & Design

Depending on which platform you choose, there are many different wedding website themes. Make your website accessible yet trendy by using the wedding website services that they offer to personalize it.

Add different fonts, colors, and personal photos to make your website look like it was created just for you. 

Add Your Wedding Information

Make your website credible with all of your personal wedding information. Ask your wedding planner for digital copies of all of your invitations, save the dates, and reception information.

Your wedding locations are a perfect piece of information to add on your stylish wedding website. You should also add information about your online wedding registries.

Add Personal Touches or Photos

Make sure your wedding website goes along with your wedding stationery. You should try to keep your website’s color scheme close to what your wedding invitation suite. Make your site have elegant designs to match your wedding style. You can also add unlimited photos or a photo-streaming timeline.

Send the Website to Guests & Keep It Updated

Make sure you send out your digital save-the-dates. Sending out your wedding website is an excellent choice for digital stationery or a way to share your online registry details.

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