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Groom’s Guide to Wedding Attire

Your wedding is supposed to be one of the best days of your life. From being surrounded by friends and family, delicious food, and marrying the love of your life, it’s truly a day to be remembered. One important element that you need to consider is the groom’s wedding attire!

The bride isn’t the only one who gets to look her absolute best on this day. While it’s easy to argue that all eyes are on the bride’s stunning dress, the groom should also look and feel his best in his groom wedding attire! 

Figuring out what the groom should wear isn’t always the most straightforward task. There’s plenty of things to consider. If you’re struggling to find the perfect attire for the groom, keep reading to see some of the options you’ll want to factor into your decision. 

What Should the Groom Wear?

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Here’s the thing about groom suit ideas. There are no actual “rules” regarding what the groom should wear on his wedding day. It’s your party; you can dress how you want! 

That being said, most partners opt to have the groom wear a suit or a tuxedo. They’re both fantastic options, but they each have their own benefits. You get to choose which groom outfit fits better with your wedding venue or your preference. 

Suit or Tux?

The ultimate question about the groom’s attire is whether he should be wearing a suit or a tux. 

Suits are arguably the most versatile outfit for a groom. You can dress it up, make it more casual, and make it whatever you want it to be. Suits tend to be made from one fabric and allow you to make the outfit your own. 

groom and groomsmen in grey suits

You can choose to have the groom wear a tie, bow tie, or none at all. You can choose any color suit and add a shirt that follows the color scheme of the bridesmaids or the wedding. The options are almost endless with a suit. Here are the top benefits of wearing a suit: 

  • They’re versatile 
  • You can dress them up or down

Tuxedos aren’t as commonly worn for weddings anymore, but they’re still a popular option for those having a fancier wedding. Granted, the groom can wear a tux no matter how fancy their marriage is. It’s their wedding too, after all, and they can do what they want. 

If you’re unsure about the difference between a tux and a suit, the most notable difference is that tuxedos have satin detailing. Unlike suits, people tend to wear black tuxes and not blue or grey, which is often seen for the groom in some weddings. 

A groom wearing a tux is going to make a statement, and they’re perfect for an evening or nighttime event. Here are the most significant benefits of tuxedos: 

  • They’re timeless 
  • They’re elegant 

Rent or Buy?

Deciding whether to rent or buy the groom’s attire can help you choose between a suit and a tuxedo. There are benefits and disadvantages to renting and buying the groom’s attire. 

man trying on tuxedo

Renting is a great option when you’re on a budget or want to spend that extra money on other aspects of the wedding or the honeymoon. Renting a tux or suit tends to be significantly cheaper than purchasing a suit or tux. 

Most people rent their tuxedos because they’re much more expensive than a suit. That, and how often are you really going to be wearing a tux? Probably not as often as you would a traditional suit. 

Some grooms are sentimental like the bride, and if you want to hold onto your wedding attire for years to come, buying is the way to go. 

You’ll want to take the groomsmen into consideration when renting or buying. Being in a wedding can be expensive, so giving the groomsmen the option of renting or buying their outfit can make it easier for them. Renting is usually the best option to ensure everyone matches the groom. 

Overall, renting tends to be the more affordable option for most. If purchasing everything the suit needs is in your budget, then there’s nothing wrong with buying it. Plus, you’ll be able to wear it again for other occasions.

Classic Black or Something Different?

groom on his wedding day

Here’s the fun part. Black is the classic look for grooms, but more and more grooms are wearing something different. The black suit or tux with a white shirt is the more timeless look, but that’s not the only option grooms have. 

Navy or deep blue suits are incredibly popular nowadays as well as different shades of grey. Whether or not you choose to wear black or another color will depend on where you’re getting married, the time of year, and what will go with the color scheme. 

man in green plaid suit

Something that is common now is a traditional suit with a white shirt, but the tie or bowtie has a pop of color. Sometimes this could be the color of the bridesmaids’ dress or accent colors from the flowers and decorations. 

How to Choose the Groom’s Outfit

There are more options for the groom’s attire than you probably thought. With so many options, how do you choose the groom’s outfit? Before you stress yourself out, here are some factors to help you select the groom’s outfit. 


The first thing to think about is how formal the wedding is? The bride and groom can wear whatever they want, but the groom’s attire sets the tone for the guests and what they should be wearing. 

If you’re asking guests to dress up for a black tie wedding, the bride and groom should also be dressed accordingly. For the groom, this means a formal tuxedo.

If you’re throwing a more casual wedding, then the groom can experiment more with suits and colors for a less formal look. Learn about appropriate groom outfits for each dress code below.


white tie white gloves attire

If you’re throwing the fanciest of fancy weddings, you’ll want a dress code that matches. While some people think black-tie is the most formal option, it’s white-tie that rises to this occasion.

The groom is traditionally in a tuxedo with special cufflinks, a tailcoat, and a white bowtie. 


wedding tuxedo or suit

Black-tie events tend to be more formal than others. Men usually wear a tux or black suit to these events with a black tie or bowtie. Traditionally, the groom will wear a bowtie, though.

If your wedding is going to be a black-tie event, a classic black tuxedo or even a deep blue tuxedo are elegant options. 


floral wall at wedding

Formal attire is similar to black-tie. The main difference between black-tie and formal is that when it comes to formal attire, the groom can still choose a suit rather than a tux. The suit can be something other than black, giving you more options. 


wedding guests

If you’re not looking for something super fancy but something that still draws everyone’s eyes to the groom, cocktail attire is probably the best option. It’s slightly more casual but offers the groom plenty of other options.

It can be a suit but make it more casual or even a nice pair of pants with a sports coat. 


groom making speech

Semi-formal and cocktail attire are very similar, but there is a difference. The majority of grooms will wear a tie or bowtie, regardless of the style they’re going for.

With semi-formal attire, you can get away without a tie. It allows the outfit to be a little more casual, but the suit will still look classy. 


September wedding colors

Just because you’re going with casual attire doesn’t mean the groom doesn’t need to dress to impress.

Casual doesn’t mean stained or wrinkly clothing. The groom can wear chinos, a non-wrinkle shirt that’s tucked in. A jacket isn’t always a requirement, but it’s an option to consider. 

Destination Wedding

destination wedding bride and groom

Before you choose what the groom is going to wear, you’ll want to factor in where you’re getting married. If you’re having a destination wedding, this will play a huge role in your decision. 

If you’re having a destination wedding somewhere warm and tropical, choosing attire that’s lightweight but still looks nice is going to be key.

If you’ve chosen a destination that’s on the colder side, attire that includes a jacket and warmer fabrics is going to be much more comfortable. 


Whether you’re having a destination wedding or are getting married in the city you live in, the season in which the wedding is set is going to be a major factor.

Even if you have an indoor wedding during the Winter or Summer, the attire you choose should be based on the season. 


spring bride and groom

Besides Fall, Spring is one of the most popular times of year to get married. The weather tends to be magical in most places of the world, and it makes for a happy day. Warmer fabrics or suits that have layers may be better when you’re getting married somewhere that has chilly Spring weather. 

Lighter colors tend to go well for Spring: Greys, tans, royal blues, colors like that. But, you still can’t go wrong with classic black tuxedos or suits in Spring.


beach theme wedding

Summer is similar to Spring when it comes to the groom’s attire. Breathable fabrics are the way to go when the weather is warmer.

As for colors, brighter ones typically more acceptable in the summer, but it’s your wedding, so you can wear whatever you want. 


two grooms fall wedding

Studies show that more people get married in the Fall, especially in warmer areas, since the weather is finally feeling nice and moderate. Many grooms and brides choose to go with something darker or more formal as Fall approaches.

Black, navy, and dark greys are great options for this time of year. 


winter wedding groom

There’s something about Winter weddings that scream formal. Many people opt for more formal attire as the Winter months approach. Of course, you can still have a more casual wedding this time of year if you choose.

Winter is the perfect opportunity to break out the formal attire and darker or deeper winter colors for the groom’s outfit. 


husband and wife italian wedding

The setting is going to play a huge role too. Depending on where you live and how the weather is during each time of year, you may be getting married inside or outside. If you’re getting married in the Fall outside where it’s chilly, an outfit that will keep the groom warm is important. 

The same goes if the weather is warm. You don’t want the groom to be too hot and uncomfortable. Therefore, lighter fabrics or layers are key.

You should also consider how your outfit will look at the venue you’ve chosen; consider the background colors, the style and theme, and the overall look of your wedding day setting so that the groom’s outfit fits in and complements the surroundings.


If you still have questions surrounding wedding suits for grooms, here are some answers to some burning questions. 

How Much Does the Groom’s Attire Cost?

The short answer is that it depends. Tuxedos are naturally more expensive than suits.

Tuxedos can cost around $1,000 if you’re buying them. Renting a tux will cost less, but it truly depends on the designer. Suits can be a couple of hundred dollars but still more affordable than a tux.

Suits naturally are more affordable. If you choose more expensive pieces, the price will go up. Renting a suit will almost always be cheaper than renting a tuxedo, though. 

How Far in Advance Should the Groom Get His Outfit?

This depends on your preference. Most grooms order their outfits one month before the big day at the absolute latest. Once you’ve decided what your outfit is going to be, checking with the rental company or retailer will help you decide how far in advance you’ll need to order it. 

Should the Groom and Groomsmen Match?

This is another personal preference. More often than not, the groom and his groomsmen do match. It helps keep the photos cohesive.

If you’re looking to have everyone match but with a subtle difference, you could have the groom wear a different color tie or bowtie. 

Another option is to have the groom with a different boutonniere if you’re having everyone wear one. Having the groom and the groomsmen matching is a great idea to make sure everything looks fantastic in photos. 

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