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72 Shoe Game Questions for Your Wedding

The Wedding Shoe Game is a popular wedding reception game that is exciting, fun, and easy to play. It tests the couple’s knowledge of each other and often leads to some hilarious moments. This guide will show you how to play the game and cover the best Wedding Shoe Game questions to ask during the game. 

What Is the Shoe Game? 

The Wedding Shoe Game is a reception party game in which both newlyweds have to answer questions about their relationship. It’s simple yet highly entertaining, and it doesn’t require any special equipment.

Playing the Wedding Shoe Game at your wedding reception is a great way to entertain your guests and strengthen the bond between yourself and your partner. 

How to Play the Wedding Shoe Game

wedding shoe game

To play the Wedding Shoe Game, set up two chairs back-to-back. The newlyweds should sit on the chairs, facing away from each other. Then, they should each take off their shoes and give one shoe to their partner while keeping the other one. Each one should be holding one of their own shoes and one of their partner’s shoes in their hands. 

Then, someone will come up and ask questions about their relationship. This person can be a relative, a close friend, or a guest. You can also request a band member or the DJ to ask the questions if nobody else is willing. 

The questions can be about anything related to the couple, such as, “Who does most of the cooking?”

Each of the newlyweds will then hold up one shoe to answer the question. For example, if the groom thinks he’s the one doing most of the cooking, he will hold up his shoe; if he knows he barely cooks and his partner is always cooking for him, he will hold up his partner’s shoe. 

Remember that the newlyweds won’t see each other, as they will be sitting back-to-back. Thus, they will not see which shoe the other one is holding up. However, the audience will see what both of them are doing, leading to some pretty funny moments when their answers do not align. 

Many couples take shots throughout the game, and as they drink more, the game becomes more exciting and animated. 

Wedding Shoe Game Questions

The Wedding Shoe Game is all about asking the right questions. Every couple is different, and every audience is different. Following are some of the best questions to ask a couple during the Shoe Game. 

Relationship Questions

backyard engagement

  • Who had a bigger crush on the other one? 
  • Who approached the other one first? 
  • Who asked the other one out on a date first?
  • Who was the pursuer early on in the relationship?
  • Who started the first argument? 
  • Who leaned in for the kiss first? 
  • Who decides where to go on dates? 
  • Who is the leader in the relationship? 
  • Who talks more? 
  • Who complains more? 
  • Who is the more romantic one? 
  • Who is more adventurous? 
  • Who is the one always convincing the other to go out?
  • Who is the one always planning trips? 
  • Who is closer to their family? 
  • Who gets along better with the other’s family?
  • Who is always comforting the other one? 
  • Who wants to get kids more than the other? 

Daily Life Questions

  • Who is ready first or always waiting for the other one? 
  • Who wakes up first in the morning? 
  • Who prepares breakfast or coffee? 
  • Who is more organized? 
  • Who is the messy one? 
  • Who is doing most of the cooking? 
  • Who exercises more? 
  • Who turns off the lights at night and locks up the house? 
  • Who is the one always getting lost and asking the other for directions? 
  • Who gets home first from work? 
  • Who makes the bed? 
  • Who pays the bills? 
  • Who is the one always deciding which music to play?
  • Who has better taste in music? 
  • Who is always deciding which movies or TV shows to play? 
  • Who is more interested in sports? 
  • Who is always eating healthy? 
  • Who eats more junk food? 
  • Who loves animals more? 
  • Who is more addicted to their phone? 

Funny Shoe Game Questions

  • Who is always leaving the toilet seat up/down? 
  • Who is constantly losing their keys? 
  • Who takes up more space on the bed at night? 
  • Who burps more? 
  • Who farts more? 
  • Whose farts are louder? 
  • Whose farts are smellier? 
  • Who has smellier armpits? 
  • Who goes longer without washing their clothes? 
  • Who’s terrified of monsters or has other irrational fears? 
  • Who believes in aliens? 
  • Who wakes up grumpier? 
  • Who is better at keeping secrets? 
  • Who is crazier? 
  • Who cries more during movies? 
  • Who snores the loudest? 
  • Who is more addicted to their phone? 
  • Who is more of a control freak? 
  • Who gets drunk quicker? 
  • Who sings the loudest in the shower? 
  • Who can’t stop texting their friends? 
  • Who spends more time talking on the phone? 
  • Who is “always right?”

Dirty Shoe Game Questions 

  • Who is a better kisser? 
  • Who is a better lover? 
  • Who is more flirtatious? 
  • Who has a bigger behind? 
  • Who dresses more flirtatiously? 
  • Who initiated sex first? 
  • Who initiates sex most of the time? 
  • Who is louder during sex? 
  • Who is quieter during sex? 
  • Which one is kinkier? 
  • Which one is shy about what they like to do in bed? 

It’s best to have someone who knows the couple well ask the questions, so they can decide which questions are more appropriate and avoid questions that may lead to negative feelings. 

Alternatively, you can write down a list of the questions you will ask before the game so that anybody can ask them. 

You can also ask guests during the game to suggest questions to ask. They can write their suggestions on pieces of paper and bring them to the person asking the questions. 

Remember, the point of the game is to have fun. There’s no need to keep score, as there are no winners or losers. Focus on enjoying yourselves and getting to know each other. 

At Yeah Weddings, we’re committed to helping you have the best wedding experience. Check out our bachelor party game ideas, for example, when planning your bachelor party. You can also check out our list of Newlywed Game questions for more ideas!

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