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30 Romantic French Wedding Songs

Whether you’re looking for music that’ll complement your Parisian wedding theme or just want to add some variety to your matrimonial soundtrack, there are French love songs for every occasion!

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If you and your future spouse love the sound of the French language but you’re unfamiliar of the greatest hits that are available for wedding celebrations, don’t sweat it!

Here’s a round-up of love songs in French that’ll take everybody over the moon!

As one of the most romantic languages in the world, French has a countless number of love songs to play during the exchanging of wedding vows and other meaningful moments during your special day. 

If you’re feeling uncertain about how to limit your music selection, we’re here to help with our curated list of French wedding songs!

“La Mer” by Charles Trenent

As the original version of “Beyond The Sea” by Bobby Darin, “La Mer” has the romantic vibes that you would expect from French love songs.

Charles Trenent’s chanson works especially well as the musical background for a wedding slideshow!

“La Vie En Rose” by Edith Piaf

Edith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose,” which translates to “Life in Pink” in English, is the perfect song for couples who are planning a retro wedding celebration.

Check out Lucy Dacus’s cover if you and your significant other prefer romantic French music within the indie genre

This is one of the most popular songs to play at a wedding!

“Etrangère Au Paradis” by Gloria Lasso

Step back in time by adding the French version of Tony Bennett’s “Stranger in Paradise” to your matrimonial playlist.

Gloria Lasso’s “Etrangère Au Paradis” is a beautiful declaration that’ll make your wedding guests feel like they’re on cloud nine! 

“For Me Formidable” by Charles Aznavour

If you’re searching for French wedding songs that include some English lyrics, take a listen to “For Me Formidable.”

The hopeless romantics among your guest list will certainly swoon over Charles Aznavour’s heartfelt music.

“Quand On N’a Que L’amour” by Jacques Brel

Turn back the clocks by picking “Quand On N’a Que L’amour,” or “When We Only Have Love” in English, as one of the French love songs for your wedding soundtrack.

Jacques Brel’s music effortlessly creates a moment that celebrates the everlasting love and devotion within a relationship. 

“Car Je T’aime” by Yves Montand

Capture a mellow vibe on your special day by considering a French chanson like “Car Je T’aime.”

Yves Montand’s music is beyond perfect for couples who aren’t bothered by repetitive lyrics. 

“Le Temps De L’Amour” by Francoise Hardy

The original rendition of “The Time of Love” is undeniably sweet without being too sappy.

Even if your wedding guests don’t listen to romantic French songs in their free time, they’ll fall in love with Francoise Hardy’s voice! 

“Ma Plus Belle Histoire D’amour” by Barbara

Take inspiration from French culture with your music selection by incorporating “Ma Plus Belle Histoire D’Amour” into your list of love songs in French.

Barbara’s music never shies away from expressing passionate ideas. 

“Et Si Tu N’existais Pas” By Joe Dassin

Cherished for over forty decades as one of the best French songs about love, “Et Si Tu N’existais Pas” is especially ideal for the couple’s first dance.

There’s so much to adore about Joe Dassin’s vocals! 

“Je L’aime à Mourir” by Francis Cabrel

Translated as “I Love Her to Death,” Francis Cabrel’s lovely song is truly a standout among romantic French music.

“Je L’aime à Mourir” will feel right at home on any wedding playlist that is dedicated to acoustic tunes

“Mistral Gagnant” by Renaud

A matrimonial playlist of love songs in French would feel incomplete without “Mistral Gagnant.”

It’s hard to believe that Renaud released this feel-good tune over thirty-six years ago!

“Je Te Promets” by Johnny Hallyday

What isn’t there to love about French wedding songs like “Je Te Promets”?

Johnny Hallday’s music is favorable for couples who are looking for a stripped-back style instead of an over-the-top sound! 

“J’te L’dis Quand Même” by Patrick Bruel

Show your appreciation for French love songs by designating “J’te L’dis Quand Même” as part of your matrimonial soundtrack.

Hearing Patrick Bruel’s music will be a trip down memory lane for the older people in your wedding party.

“Pour Que Tu M’aimes Encore” by Céline Dion

What could be a better French love song for your wedding day than “Pour Que Tu M’aimes Encore”?

Celine Dion’s powerhouse vocals are simply a work of art!

“Je T’aime” by Lara Fabian

When it comes to French songs about love, “Je T’aime” always sounds like a dream.

Lara Fabian’s 90s music will be impossible for any of your wedding guests to miss! 

“Le Vent Nous Portera” by Noir Desir

As a song with themes of memories and nostalgia, “Le Vent Nous Portera” may not directly talk about love but Noir Desir’s music won’t feel out of place during your special day.

This feel-good tune won’t leave a dry eye in your wedding venue!

“T’es Belle” by Volo

Leave a lasting impression on your guest list by scheduling “T’es Belle” to appear on your matrimonial playlist.

Volo’s upbeat music is worth playing to liven up the crowd! 

“Divine Idylle” by Vanessa Paradis

Elevate your soundtrack of French wedding songs by selecting “Divine Idylle.”

The magical sound of Vanessa Paradis’s music will certainly grab everybody’s attention! 

“Je Pense à Toi” by Amadou & Mariam 

Amadou & Mariam’s “Je Pense à Toi” has been regarded as one of the best French love songs in recent years.

This duo from Mali creates the perfect wedding music for couples who are celebrating their love with African traditions in mind. 

“Aimé” by Loane

Bring some contemporary charm to your playlist of romantic French songs by playing “Aimé.”

Listening to Loane’s chanson will make everybody feel like they’re on top of the world! 

“Je Veux” by Zaz

“Je Veux” is no stranger to matrimonial playlists that are devoted to love songs in French. Zaz’s debut single works its magic by sounding fresh instead of overplayed.

“La Rumeur” by Christopher Mae

For a touch of romance during your espousal, be sure to dedicate some time to playing  “La Rumeur.”

Your wedding guests won’t be able to get enough of Christopher Mae’s modern chanson! 

“Dis-Moi Encore Que Tu M’Aimes” by Gaëtan Roussel 

Curate an unforgettable playlist of French love songs by planning “Dis-Moi Encore Que Tu M’Aimes” to play during your special day.

Gaëtan Roussel’s music has proven time and time again to be simply unforgettable!

“Et Si” by Shy’m

As one of the most recognizable French wedding songs in the modern age, “Et Si” will surely move everybody’s emotions during your espousal.

It’s easy to see why this musician’s discography continues to be a crowd-pleaser! 

“Ça Ira” by Joyce Jonathan

Compared to the other romantic French songs, “Ça ira” tends to be quite catchy.

This lighthearted song by Joyce Jonathan will leave you melting in the arms of your loved one! 

“Voilà, Ce Sera Toi” by Jean-Louis Aubert

“Voilà, Ce Sera Toi” is an easy pick for brides and grooms who find themselves gravitating towards modern French music rather than the oldies.

Jean-Louis Aubert’s perfect song was made to be played during marriage festivities. 

“Moi Aimer Toi” by Vianney

Embrace the beauty of the French language by requesting “Moi Aimer Toi” during your wedding celebration.

Vianney’s romantic song never fails to captivate a crowd! 

“Toi Et Moi” by Paradis

Pay tribute to your Parisian wedding theme by choosing “Toi Et Moi” as one of the French love songs for the cocktail hour.

There’s nothing dull or trite about Paradis’s discography! 

“Parlez-Moi d’Amour” by Mireille Mathieu 

Add a modern twist to your wedding playlist by queuing “Parlez-Moi d’Amour.” Mirelle Mathieu’s modern chanson certainly deserves some airplay during your espousal!

“Amour Plastique” by Videoclub 

“Amour Plastique” may edge towards the electronic genre, but it still carries the kind of romantic ambience that you want to experience on your wedding day.

This French love song by Videoclub isn’t afraid to make a statement!

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