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24 Kenny Chesney Wedding Songs To Include On Your Matrimonial Playlist

As one of the best-selling country artists of all time, Kenny Chesney and his music has been played at countless wedding receptions for newlyweds of all ages! There are Kenny Chesney wedding songs for every moment from ceremony to reception.

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If you and your significant other have your hearts set on listening to his upbeat country wedding songs, then you’re in luck! 

We’ve gathered our favorite songs by Kenny Chesney in a list here at YeahWeddings! 

With a discography that consists of more than fifteen albums, Kenny Chesney has plenty to offer for couples who are tying the knot!

Familiarize yourself with the best Kenny Chesney songs for wedding playlists by reading our music list!  

“I’d Love to Change Your Name”

Lyrics: “Ain’t nothin’ else about you I’d ever want to change / Honey, I’d sure love to change your name”

Slip back in time by requesting a classic country song from the 90s like Kenny Chesney’s “I’d Love To Change Your Name” during your special day. This favorite tune won’t leave a dry eye at your wedding ceremony venue.

“In My Wildest Dreams”

Lyrics: “Well, I thought I died and went to heaven when you sat down next to me / And I said to myself this is too good to believe”

What could be more memorable than asking the DJ to play “In My Wildest Dreams”? The older people in your wedding party will feel nostalgic when hearing this emotional country song by Kenny Chesney! 

“You And Me”

Lyrics: “There’s no way / I could ever let you go / Even if I wanted to”

It’s no surprise why “You and Me” is a popular choice for wedding songs among Kenny Chesney love songs as wedding processional music. This mid-tempo ballad never fails to steal the show and create a pivotal moment! 

“Fall in Love”

Lyrics: “Gotta be a sign from up above / Don’t that make you want to fall in love”

For any couples who prefer Kenny Chesney’s earlier discography instead of his new releases for their country wedding reception songs, “Fall in Love” will certainly do the trick. This heart-melting tune has so many lovable qualities! 

“Ain’t That Love” 

Lyrics: “Ain’t that love / Ain’t that how it’s supposed to be / When two hearts come together as one”

Show off your heart of gold by picking Kenny Chesney’s “Ain’t That Love” for your espousal. His cover of “Ain’t That Love” feels like a dream for couples who gravitate towards upbeat country songs for a fast-paced playlist. 

“She Always Says It First”

Lyrics: “I always tell her I love her / But she always says it first”

Bring some country charm to your first dance by requesting “She Always Says It First” as the background music. All of your guests will be left in awe by Kenny Chesney’s sentimental lyrics! 

“She’s Got It All”

Lyrics: “I could give someone such devotion / Every sweet memory I can recall / She got it all”

“She’s Got It All” is a must-have for brides and grooms who are considering Kenny Chesney love songs for their country wedding playlists. The musical superstar doesn’t hold back with expressing his emotions on this tear-jerker!

“I Will Stand” 

Lyrics: “I’ll love you forever / I will be your man / Beside you always / I will stand”

Give your guests the full experience of a country wedding by scheduling Kenny Chesney love songs like “I Will Stand.” This title track is nothing short of passionate and charming. 

“You Had Me From Hello”

Lyrics: “I felt love start to grow the moment I looked into your eyes / You won me, it was over from the start”

A list of the best Kenny Chesney songs for wedding celebrations would feel incomplete without mentioning “You Had Me From Hello.” His country hit is a beautiful reminder of the early stages that a couple experiences when falling in love! 

“How Forever Feels” 

Lyrics: “I’ve done some livin’, yeah I’ve had fun / But there is one thing that I haven’t done / I wanna know how forever feels”

Amp up your wedding playlist by choosing “How Forever Feels” as one of your Kenny Chesney love songs. It’ll be impossible for any of your guests to ignore this heartfelt melody! 

“Everywhere We Go”

Lyrics: “Every turn, livin’ right inside us / I believe love goes / Everywhere we go”

Set the sentimental tone by playing “Everywhere We Go” from your playlist of Kenny Chesney love songs. This sweet track has defined the precious moments of nuptials since its original release in the late 90s!

“Life is Good”

Lyrics: “Sweet sunshine everywhere I look / You love me like no one could / Life is good”

Bring the excitement to your wedding celebration by adding Kenny Chesney’s “Life is Good” to your country playlist. Even if your guests aren’t the biggest fans of this musical genre, this festive song will definitely be a winner! 

“Because of Your Love”

Lyrics: “Everything I want to be / Any dream I want to dream I can / Because of your love”

“Because of Your Love” has truly earned its place among the best Kenny Chesney songs for wedding playlists. Your significant other will definitely enjoy hearing this tune long after your marriage ceremony as anniversary music

“Don’t Happen Twice”

Lyrics: “At three a.m. I fell in love / For the first time in my life / And that’s somethin’ / That just don’t happen twice”

Play up the theme of your outdoor country venue by including “Don’t Happen Twice” as part of your country songs playlist. Kenny Chesney’s single is ideal for brides and grooms who are looking for a lively sound instead of a stripped-down one. 

“All I Need To Know” 

Lyrics: “In a world where most things come and go / I’ll always have you to hold / And that’s all I need to know”

What isn’t there to love about Kenny Chesney wedding songs such as “All I Need To Know”? His simple yet honest lyrics sound timeless in expressing the romantic emotions that newlyweds feel towards each other. 

“You Save Me”

Lyrics: “You’re the angel that believes in me, like nobody else / And I thank God you do” 

Pull on the heartstrings of your entire bridal party by picking Kenny Chesney love songs like “You Save Me.” This country music isn’t falling out of popularity anytime soon for couples who have decided on a rustic theme for their special day.


Lyrics: “Under the moon as it’s changing the tides / Friends they go away, then they reappear I believe there is magic here”

Kenny Chesney’s “Magic” has proven itself time and time again to be an unforgettable song for couples who are walking down the aisle during a seaside ceremony. This heartfelt tune works equally as well for a father-daughter dance


Lyrics: “It’s a smile, it’s a kiss / It’s a sip of wine, it’s summertime / Sweet summertime”

Prepare the perfect playlist by choosing “Summertime” as one of your country music wedding songs. This feel-good track by Kenny Chesney will leave everybody feeling starry-eyed during a ceremony planned during the warmest time of the year!

“Never Wanted Nothing More”

Lyrics: “And I’m sure happy with what I’ve got / I live to love and laugh a lot / And that’s all I need”

Celebrate the commitment to your relationship by dedicating some airplay to “Never Wanted Nothing More.” It’s hard to imagine a better melody among Kenny Chesney’s beautiful songs! 

“Always Gonna Be You”

Lyrics: “I could sail the seven oceans / ‘Til I crawl up on some long forgotten shore / But it’s always gonna be you”

When it comes to country wedding reception songs, Kenny Chesney’s “Always Gonna Be You” is simply amazing due to its mellow arrangement and sweet words. There’s nothing else quite like this lovely tune for a photo montage

“Setting The World on Fire” 

Lyrics: “Up all night and we were feelin’ so good / Yeah, we got a little higher than we probably should”

Curate the ultimate list of contemporary country wedding songs by incorporating Kenny Chesney’s duet with P!nk among your other choices. “Setting The World on Fire” will feel right at home as the background ambience for a barn ceremony location

“I Want to Know What Love Is” 

Lyrics: “I’ve got nowhere left to hide / It looks like love has finally found me”

What could make your future spouse happier than playing acoustic songs like Kenny Chesney’s “I Want To Know What Love Is”? Don’t think twice about requesting his cover of Foreigner’s power ballad to feel the romance come alive on your wedding day! 

“Ends of the Earth”

Lyrics: “To the ends of the earth would you follow me? / There’s a world that was meant for our eyes to see”

If you’re looking for contemporary celebration songs for your matrimonial playlist, “Ends of the Earth” always proves to be a worthwhile choice. Kenny Chesney’s acoustic tune will surely inspire tender feelings in your country wedding party! 

“Tip of My Tongue” 

Lyrics: “Love me fast, kiss me slow / Hang on to anything you can hold”

Who wouldn’t want to hear an emotional song like Kenny Chesney’s “Tip of My Tongue” during their cake cutting ceremony? The country superstar’s modern classic is guaranteed to impress all of your guests! 

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