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The Complete Guide to Junior Bridesmaids

When attending a wedding, you may notice a variety of people standing at the altar. Of course, you will recognize the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. However, you may discover that there are younger versions of the bridesmaids standing proud right at the bridesmaids’ sides. These young ladies are named the junior bridesmaids. 

Between the ages of eight and seventeen, the junior bridesmaids are there to aid their seniors in tasks that may be too time-consuming to participate in as well as finish the altar with its final decorative touches during the wedding ceremony. 

If you are confused as to what the duties are for a typical junior bridesmaid, this detailed explanation of each task for the ladies may pique your interest. To add on, each duty will feature inspirational ideas that will enable your junior bridesmaids to shine bright on the big wedding day. 


What is a Junior Bridesmaid?

A junior bridesmaid is a young lady who aids the bridesmaids in multiple wedding preparation tasks and participates in the wedding ceremony. These girls are generally too old to be flower girls but too young to be considered official bridesmaids. 

Therefore, the junior bridesmaid position was created to include that middle gap between the two age groups to incorporate special family members on a bride and groom’s wedding day. 


Should I Have a Junior Bridesmaid? 

Not every bridal party includes junior bridesmaids. You don’t necessarily need a junior bridesmaid, so if you don’t have someone in mind, no need to stress!

A junior bridesmaid position is a great way to include a special young lady in your wedding party, like a younger sister of the bride or groom or another close family member or friend. If no one comes to mind, however, you do not need to include junior bridesmaids in your wedding party. 


What Do Junior Bridesmaids Do?

To learn more about the responsibilities of a junior bridesmaid, view this detailed list of explained tasks that will inspire your junior bridesmaids to help prepare you and your guests for your special day. 


Dress Shopping

wedding dresses

Every bride needs a specific day to shop for her perfect wedding dress. Bridesmaids and family members typically join in to aid her in her search and give their own opinions on what dress fits her tastes and body shape. 

Bring your junior bridesmaids along the ride to further help you in the process of finding that beautiful wedding gown of your dreams. If the young ladies are in their teenage years, they may even be able to provide trendy tips and fashion ideas that will make you look youthful and tasteful during your wedding ceremony. 

It is important to get opinions from all kinds of age groups during your wedding dress shopping trip to see the different points of view that come from each generation. That way, you will be more open to trying new styles that you may come to fall in love with. 


Participate in Bridal Parties and Showers

bridal shower

Include your junior bridesmaids in your pre-wedding party. The bridal shower is a more age appropriate event for junior bridesmaids, as opposed to the bachelorette. Since they will be in your wedding, it is best to involve them in as much of the planning process and build up to your wedding as possible. 

Although they will not be hosting the party, they can create small guest gifts like themed souvenirs or packaged decorative sweets. Also, they can participate in the decorating and clean-up committee before and after the event. 

Depending on the age of the junior bridesmaids, you may even allow them to keep track of the guest list and online gift purchases to eradicate any complications during or after your bridal shower. This especially comes in handy with technology-savvy teenagers. 

Remember that if you are planning a party that includes alcohol or an adult-themed bridal party, it is best to either exclude the junior bridesmaids from the event or have a separate day for the younger ladies to be involved. Otherwise, enjoy your pre-wedding festivities as a group to prepare for the happy couple’s wedding ceremony. 


Rehearsal Ceremony and Dinner 

rehearsal dinner

Like your bridesmaids, your junior bridesmaids will also be walking down that aisle as part of the wedding ceremony. Of course, the girls will need to know where to go and at what time to present themselves. Therefore, it is definitely important to incorporate your junior bridesmaids in the rehearsal ceremony and dinner. 

You may even have them carry bouquets or single flowers down the aisle to be collected in a vase at the altar. That way, the ladies will be important members of the ceremony who add the final touches to your wedding decor. 

Another great option is to have them walk down the aisle with candles to light up your altar for a romantic setting. This is especially a fantastic idea for night-time weddings that take place in a religious building or even outside. 

As for the rehearsal dinner, you may sit the junior bridesmaids with the rest of the wedding ceremony members at the head table or allow them to talk amongst themselves at their own reserved table. If one of the junior bridesmaids is a close relative, such as a sister or niece, it would be nice to let them speak a word of congratulations to the couple at the dinner toast. 


Hand-Prepared Gifts to the Guests

wedding favors

One of the most time-consuming tasks for the party planner or bridesmaids is preparing small gifts or sweet delicates to hand out to the guests during the wedding reception. Although it may be a simple responsibility, the amount of preparation for these treats can vary depending on how many guests are expected to arrive. 

Thankfully, the junior bridesmaids can provide a helping hand with this wedding duty. If you have more than one junior bridesmaid, separate the girls into groups based on their skill sets. Some can make wedding-themed sweets while others can package the reception favors for the guests to take home. 

Find a list of DIY wedding favors that are quick and easy to make for your junior bridesmaids. From there on, you can leave it to them to create an abundance of treasured keepsakes for your wedding guests to enjoy. 


Decorating the Reception Hall

decorating wedding

It is probable that you will have a wedding planner to set up your grande wedding and provide your elegant wedding decor. For your ceremony, you may want to rely on a professional to achieve a sophisticated theme for your big day. 

However, the reception can keep the same theme while including a more relaxed atmosphere for guests to dine and dance. This is the part where your junior bridesmaids can step in with their expertise. 

With a well-thought-out layout, the ladies can help with the table setup and wall decor. If you are going for more of a party theme, they can even give their own input on how to create the best scene for you and your guests to enjoy their time. 

From blowing up balloons to displaying table centerpieces, your junior bridesmaids can help turn your reception hall into the masterpiece that best represents your wedding theme. In truth, you will need all the help you can get to bring your dream wedding to life. 


Creating a Wedding Playlist

wedding playlist

After filling your wedding playlist with the songs you and your fiancee cherish in your relationship, you will want to add songs that everyone can dance to. With upbeat romance music singles, you can have your guests up and on the dance floor for a fun celebration.

Like most weddings, there will probably be a range of ages amongst the guests. Therefore, the song selection will have to be able to transcend through different generations. Junior bridesmaids can help choose songs that are trending in today’s top hits. 

With their input, you can have a tremendous mixture of up-to-date billboard singles to famous classic hits that will please the entirety of the audience. You may even be surprised to have discovered new music that you would not have imagined yourself listening to. 

Let your junior bridesmaids step in when choosing your wedding playlist for a special and eventful night of celebrating the happy newlyweds. 


People Also Ask

Find answers to more common questions about the junior bridesmaid position!


Does a junior bridesmaid walk alone? 

If there is only one junior bridesmaid, she will walk alone between the groomsmen-bridesmaids pairs and the flower girls, or first in front of the bridesmaids. If there is more than one junior bridesmaid, the girls will be the first to enter the ceremony walking in pairs typically.

That being said, you can organize your wedding procession however you like! If you prefer to have the junior bridesmaid walk with a groomsmen, that works too. 


Do junior bridesmaids wear the same dress?

The junior bridesmaids typically wear similar dresses to those of the bridesmaids. Like their seniors, they will match each others’ styles and color with a more age-appropriate take on the common theme. 


Can junior bridesmaids throw flowers?

The flower girls, aged between three to eight, typically throw the flower petals on the wedding aisle. For girls who are between ages ten to sixteen, having them walk bouquets down the aisle will be more appropriate for their position as the junior bridesmaids. 

Again, however, it’s your wedding, so you can do things however you’d like. If you want your junior bridesmaid to coat the aisle with flower petals then consider these basket ideas to find the right look for your ceremony.



Although wedding tasks are typically thought to be an adult responsibility, junior bridesmaids are considered to be amazing helping hands with decorating and decision-making to appease various age groups among the wedding guests. In addition, including a close relative in your wedding will make the big day even more memorable for you and them. 

Gather up the young ladies to help prepare for one of the happiest moments of your life in a group effort. Not only will the aid relieve you of some of the stress that comes with the planning process, but the junior bridesmaids will feel like an important element in the creation of your dream wedding. 


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  • Thank you for this advice! As a junior bridesmaid, I had no idea what to do until I read this post. My aunt (the bride-to-be) didn’t either! Now I know my responsibilities! She’s 20 now (and will be on the wedding day too) so I don’t know if she’ll need help with the music, but I think the bachelorette party will be pretty tween-friendly! Thanks again!