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13 November Wedding Color Ideas for Fall-Ready Couples

Did you know that November is the last month of autumn? Getting married in November means working with colorful autumn leaves and incorporating warm earthly colors into your wedding decor. Searching for the perfect color palettes and color combinations that’ll best match the fall season colors can be a daunting task, but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. 

When people think of the autumn season, the colors that most come to mind are orange, yellow, and brown, but these don’t have to be your only November wedding color choices. Let us explore these November wedding color combinations that’ll create an autumnal ambiance for your big day. 

What Are Common November Wedding Colors?

autumn wedding centerpieces and table settings

Since November weddings are in the same month as Thanksgiving, some couples keep this holiday in mind when planning their wedding. Therefore, some couples may incorporate thanksgiving colors into their wedding decor. These colors include warm earthly tones such as brown, orange, yellow, and red. Gold and teal are also popular November wedding colors.

Not only do these colors define November’s fall season, but they are also perfect for a cozy autumn wedding celebration. But as stated before, these aren’t your only options for your November wedding. Read on to learn more color options for your fall wedding. 


gold and black wedding invitations

Don’t be afraid to experiment with this color for your wedding decor. Although black is considered the color of mourning or bad luck, you can still use it for your wedding. After all, the bad things that are associated with black are just superstitions. Plus, black matches everything, which means that you can combine it with any color of your choice.

Some couples opt for the typical black and white or black and gold color schemes but feel free to try out different combinations. Or, if you’re having a gothic-themed wedding in the fall, then black and orange or black and blood-red combos are great choices for your wedding decorations. 



Mahogany is a dark reddish-brown shade that emits warmth and symbolizes strength. Mahogany looks great with forest green, pink, yellow, orange, and ivory hues, most of which are the traditional autumn colors. 

Since Mahogany is a natural wood color, it is a perfect option for couples that are going to have a rustic or outdoor wedding during the fall. Think Mahogany table cloths with ivory table runners. Or consider getting some Mahogany folding chairs that’ll add woodsy touches to your November wedding. 


burgundy and pink wedding table settings and decorations

Another top color for the fall season is burgundy. Burgundy is very similar to Mahogany, as it is also a reddish-brown shade. The only difference is that burgundy has a more reddish and purplish tinge while mahogany has more of a brownish and copper tinge. 

You can try pairing it with pale and light colors such as white, pale pink, beige, and cream to offset the dark burgundy shade. It is also safe to pair it with gray, green, navy, brown, yellow, and gold. 


fall table runner

Pink plus champagne plus peach is a beautiful November wedding color combo. If you want to create more of an autumnal vibe, add some dark reds and green elements to this combo. This mix of colors will look stunning if you use them for your fall wedding bouquets or floral arrangements. 

Emerald Green

wedding cake decorated with green emeralds

Add some jewel tones to your November color palette. Emerald Green looks great with colors like white, pink, beige, and gold. This popular fall color can add elegant or extravagant touches to your wedding reception decor.

If you are planning to have a botanical wedding, then you will definitely want to use this color to add a sophisticated and earthly feel to your wedding decor.


metallic gold table decor

There are many colors that go with gold. Some gorgeous combinations include burgundy, black, and gold, or navy blue, burgundy, yellow, and gold. Picture burgundy wedding invitations with gold foil print or a black or white wedding cake with gold leaf.

These color combinations add elegance and sophistication to fall weddings. For a more autumnal feel, consider pairing gold with green pine, copper, and brick colors. 

Forest Green

forest green wedding aisle surrounded by woodsy decorations

You can’t go wrong with forest green for a rustic and earthly November wedding celebration. This dark green color is often beautifully paired with woodsy tones, which makes it a wonderful choice for outdoor weddings.

Plus, an outdoor wedding in November will help you take advantage of the gorgeous foliage of the fall season to further complement your forest green wedding colors.

Mustard Yellow

mustard yellow wedding
Credit: Oh Best Day Ever

Mustard yellow is a warm and earthly color that is another wonderful option for your November wedding colors. Consider pairing it with brown, green, and teal blue to add elegance and warmth to your November wedding reception. 



As stated before, teal (which is a mixture of blue and green) and mustard yellow make a beautiful combination as they complement each other. However, you can also team up teal with other trendy November wedding colors to create well-balanced pairings.

Burgundy, red, gold, brown, orange, peach hot pink, white and purple all make a beautiful well-balanced combination with teal.   

Shades of Orange 

burnt orange wedding napkins and decorative pumpkins displayed on a table

Orange just screams fall! It is a classic fall color that will enrich your autumn wedding colors. Use different shades of orange throughout the reception for the ultimate autumn wedding vibe.

Think about using orange rose petals beautifully scattered on your wedding aisle. You can also incorporate orange-colored leaves into your wedding tables along with some orange pumpkin arrangements. 

Orange will also look great with different shades of yellow and red for your outdoor fall wedding. Consider using different shades of orange as there is a wide range of colors on the orange color spectrum such as burnt orange, apricot, coral, peach, melon, pumpkin, carrot, amber, marigold, and many more! 

Chocolate Brown


Chocolate brown is another popular color that is used at fall weddings. A chocolate brown, orange, terracotta, and red combination is a perfect choice for a warm and comfy November wedding.


navy blue wedding table settings

Another trendy fall color for your November wedding is navy blue which looks great with several colors. It is usually paired with gold or white, but it also looks amazing with orange, pink rose, silver, dark reds, burgundy, green, and gray.

Add some navy blue details to your wedding table decor. Think navy blue satin napkins or navy blue floral arrangements along with white and pink elements. Or combine this dark navy blue color with lighter shades of blue. 



Lavender will add freshness to your November wedding. Think lavender table linens, place cards, bouquets, and bridesmaids in lavender dresses. You can pair this color with cool neutral colors like grey, white, and sage green.

Also, consider adding some dark purple details to accent the rest of the color palette. Some couples also add vibrant yellow details with the lavender and grey combination. This calming color is also perfect for relaxed weddings, and it adds romantic vibes to your wedding reception. 

How Do I Pick My November Wedding Color Combinations?

bride and bridesmaids holding autumn wedding bouquets

You can start building your November wedding palette by choosing a base color that will appear the most throughout your wedding. If you want your wedding to match up with the traditional colors of the fall season, then consider using colors like orange, brown, yellow, and red.

Next, you should pick colors that you love and that will complement your base color. These colors should accent your base color. Also, note that a wedding color palette typically has three to five colors that go well altogether. 

When choosing your wedding palette, it is best to also consider your wedding venue. This way, you can choose wedding colors that will complement your wedding venue’s details as some venues may already come decorated.

If your wedding venue does not come with any decorations and is totally blank, then it should be easier to choose any colors you want as you won’t have to worry about matching your wedding colors with those of the venue. 

How Do I Avoid Choosing the Wrong Wedding Colors?

autumn bouquet in the hands of the bride

Don’t worry about not getting your wedding color palette right the first time. The reality is that there is no wrong or right combination. Every fall wedding is different and has its own unique set of color combinations as every couple has different tastes.

That being said, don’t be afraid to play around with different colors. You will probably match and combine different colors a bunch of times until you’re happy with your wedding colors.

However, keep the November wedding colors in mind if you want your wedding colors to match the fall season. You don’t have to use all the traditional fall colors for your wedding, but consider using a few to create a cozy, autumnal vibe. If you’re still not sure which colors to combine, feel free to try out some of the colors and combinations that we mentioned in this post or use them as a starting place to inspire you. 

Wrap Up

Now that you have a general idea about wedding colors for November, you can start putting together your November color palette. 

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