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Simple Bridesmaid Hairstyles Ideas and Tips

After checking bridesmaid’s wedding dresses off your wedding to-do list, you can start thinking about hairstyles for bridesmaids. Bridesmaid hairstyles are just as important as the bride’s wedding hairstyle.

That’s why we’ve gathered everything you need to know about wedding hair for bridesmaids. From how to choose hairstyles for bridesmaids to picking out wedding hair accessories, we provide different hairstyle ideas and tips that will help you check bridesmaid’s hair off your wedding planning list.  

How to Decide on Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

Now, I know what you are thinking: How am I going to pick the perfect wedding hair for bridesmaids? Deciding hairstyles for bridesmaids is a difficult task, especially when there are tons of different stunning hairstyle ideas to choose from.

You have to take into account your bridesmaids’ hair types: long, short, medium-length, curly, straight, thin, thick, wavy, layered, etc. Are the bridesmaids’ dresses strapless? If so, which hairstyles look good with strapless dresses? 

Simple, unique, elegant, classic, vintage, colorful – there are so many bridesmaid hairstyles to choose from. These are a few things you must consider to decide how you want to style your bridesmaids’ hair for your big day. No worries though! We provide several hairstyle ideas for different types of hair that you’ll want to try out. 


Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Short Hair

Check out our DIY tips for wedding hair for bridesmaids with short hair! Below we provide hairstyles for bridesmaids that are easy to recreate in a short amount of time. 


Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are perfect hairstyles for bridesmaids with short hair, especially if you are going for a simple look. It is an easy, simple hairstyle, and it does not take a long time to do. They also look great with off-shoulder dresses. 


Short Bob 

Short Hair Bobs are stunning hairstyles that often include bangs in the front. There are many ways of styling short hair bobs- you can make it messy, wavy, tousled, wispy, razored, rounded, etc. Another way to embellish this short hairstyle is by adding highlights  They are another great option if you want to keep your bridesmaid hair simple. 


Hair Pinned to the Side

Bridesmaids can simply pin the front of their hair up to either side of their head with a hair clip, a bobby pin, or any other decorative hair accessories that will make short hair sparkle. They can also pin back their hair to both sides.


Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you’re looking for bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair, we provide four creative, simple hairstyles that bridesmaids will love. The following hairstyles are effortless and will showcase bridesmaids’ beautiful long hair.


Party-Ready Ribbon Ponytail 

Ponytails are a simple way of styling long hair. Just pin hair up with a ribbon. You can braid the ponytail with the ribbon or for a more polished ponytail, you can go with a sleek ponytail. 


Side Fishtail French Braids

If you’re looking for another princess hairstyle idea, then look no further. Not only are fishtail French Braids unique, but they’re also easy to do. This pretty hairstyle looks beautiful cascading on the bridesmaids’ shoulders. 

Check out this easy fishtail tutorial for practice!


Long Mermaid Waves

This wavy, voluminous hairstyle works best for people with thick, lengthy hair. It looks amazing with side bangs, and it would also look amazing if you adorn it with a side hairpiece. 


Simple Ringlet Curls 

Another beautiful, loose hairstyle for people with long hair is ringlet curls. These are also known as princess curls. There are several ways to curl hair. You try loose curls, full curls, tight curls, and gentle waves. 


Bridesmaids’ Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Finding the perfect hairstyle for bridesmaids with medium-length hair shouldn’t be a troublesome task. Below you can find stunning yet effortless hairstyles which suit people with medium-length hair. 


Messy Low Bun 

A simple hairstyle for bridesmaids is a messy low bun. Just create a low bun, leaving some hair sticking out, and then twist that part of the hair that is hanging out.

Wrap it around the bun and pin the hair that is sticking out with the hair tie. The last step is to stretch it out, fluff it out, and twist it until you achieve a messy bun.  


Twisty Half Updo

A twisty and wavy half-updo is a simple, comfortable hairstyle that can be done in five minutes. Just take two smaller pieces of hair from each side, twist them together, wrap them around your head, and then pin them in place with bobby pins. 


Top Knot

The top knot probably the easiest hairstyle that bridesmaids can wear at weddings. It can easily be done at home in a few minutes. 


Is it Better to Have Hair Updos or Down Dos?

You can have both! Try out half-up, half-down hairstyles. This hairstyle looks great with most hair lengths. Deciding whether to wear your hair up or down also depends on the type of dresses you and your bridesmaids wear. Updos, for example, look much better with long sleeves dresses while both updos and half downs match great with strapless dresses. 


Should Bridesmaids Have the Same Hairstyle?

Bridesmaids need not have the same hairstyles, especially if they’re all wearing different dresses. In other words, the hairstyles should complement the nature of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

If the bridesmaids’ dresses are all the same, it makes the most sense for them to have the same hairstyle to match the wedding’s theme. Or, let your bridesmaids choose their own hairstyles. If you have a junior bridesmaid, she may or may not want to match the older girls.

Bridesmaids helping you celebrate your marriage should also feel comfortable on your wedding day, so let them choose any hairstyle that makes them feel and look great.  


Should I Have a Wedding Hair Trial?

hairstylist styling woman's wedding hair

Want to know whether or not the wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids that you’ve picked look exactly as you’ve envisioned them? Don’t wait until the day of your wedding to find out. Set up a bridal hair trial for bridesmaids to try out their hairstyles.

Having a wedding hair trial allows you to see which hairstyles look good with the bridesmaids’ dresses. Perhaps the hairstyles that you chose don’t look as good as you thought they would.

Plus, a wedding hair trial gives you the opportunity to get to know the hairstylist, that is if you and your bridesmaids decide not to do the hairstyles by yourselves. If you are going to set up a wedding hair trial, it is recommendable to schedule it a few months before your big day.

This will give you and the hairstylists ample time to make changes to the bridesmaids’ hairstyles if needed. In other words, be prepared and open to changing your and your bridesmaids’ hairstyles. This is your chance to experiment with different wedding hairstyles. 


Should Bridesmaids Wash Their Hair Before the Wedding?

It is advisable for bridesmaids to avoid washing their hair the day of the wedding. For best results, bridesmaids should wash their hair the day or the night before the wedding ceremony. This is especially important for hairstyles that involve updos or curls, which are harder to hold and mold when hair is freshly washed and wet. 


How to Make Wedding Hair Last All Day

Do you want your and your bridesmaids’ wedding hairstyles to last all day? We have answers!

The first step is to prepare your hair. Make sure it is clean and free of products.

The best way to get your hair to hold all day long is by using the correct hair products. In other words, pick the right hairspray and use it as you style your hair.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – how do I choose the correct hairspray? The hairspray you use depends on what type of hair your bridesmaids have and what kind of hairstyle you want to create. Also, add volume to your hair by applying a volumizing hair product. 


Who Pays for Bridesmaid Hair?

Oftentimes, the bride pays for their bridesmaids’ wedding hair. If you are going to hire a professional hairstylist, it makes sense to pay for their hair services. But don’t feel obliged to do so!

It is not uncommon for bridesmaids to pay for their own hairstyles. Many of the above mentioned wedding hairstyles don’t require a professional hairstylist and allows for each bridesmaid to style their own hair.  


Bridal Hair Accessories to Complement Bridesmaid’s Hairstyles 

The final touches on bridesmaids’ hairstyles include adding hair accessories. Using wedding hair accessories adds extra glam to your and your bridesmaids’ hair. They serve as beautiful decorative pieces that spice up your hairstyle. Below we provide a variety of chic hair accessories that you and your bridesmaids’ will want to use for your big day. 

  • Wedding Hair Tiaras and Crowns
  • Wedding Hair Chains
  • Wedding Hair Hats
  • Wedding Hair Bands
  • Wedding Hair Barrettes
  • Wedding Hair Jewelry 
  • Wedding Hair Pins
  • Wedding Hair Combs
  • Wedding Hair Clips
  • Wedding Hair Headbands
  • Wedding Hair Bows, Scarves, and Ribbons
  • Wedding Hair Flowers 


Wrap Up

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to style bridesmaid hair. There is no correct option, just a surplus of hairstyles to choose from.

Also, some are super easy to make and aren’t time-consuming, which gives you more time to focus on checking other important things off your wedding to-do list. Hopefully, you found our bridesmaid hairstyle ideas useful. Good luck with the rest of your wedding preparations!

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