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10 Exciting Matrimony Themed Games for Engagement Party

Engagement parties are a great way to celebrate the marriage between the future bride and groom as well as bring together all of the guests who plan to attend. Break the ice with fun and exciting engagement party games. Some of the games may even seem familiar to you and the guests with the exception of a little twist to fit the wedding theme. 

From outside activities to indoor challenges, there are various amounts of game options to include in your engagement party. Whether you prefer adult drinking challenges or family-friendly contests, there is a range of fun activities that best matches your theme. 


Engagement Party Games and Activities

To create the perfect engagement party, you will need delicious food, refreshing beverages, stunning decor, and, of course, lively entertainment. These friendly contests will help guests get to know each other better as well as learn more about the couple’s relationship. 

Search through this list of the top ten have-to-play engagement party games to include in your own special day. Lastly, don’t be afraid to make your own rules in each activity. After all, it is your very own special engagement party. 


Raise Your Shoe

wedding shoe game

Looking for a fun game without spending a fortune on the setup. Well, all this game requires is the bride, groom, and their shoes! The rules of the game are simple. The bride and groom will sit back to back in chairs where they cannot see each other. In front of them, they will have a bridal heel and a groom’s shoe. 

Both will be asked a series of cute questions, such as “Who fell in love first?” and others that relate to their relationship. The couple will then pick either the bride’s or the groom’s shoe as a nonverbal answer.

The game can have a winner depending if the questions are factual or can be played simply for amusement. The ball is in your court. 


Bridal Cornhole

corn hole in yard

Also known as “bag-toss,” cornhole is a very popular game during summer events. This activity will most likely take place outside in a large area. The only items you will need are two wooden boards that contain a drilled hole near the top and are propped in a downward slope.

Decorate the wooden boards with bridal designs to fit your engagement theme to the maximum. 

This is typically a two to four-person game. If there are four people, the teams will split up to have one person on each team at each board. The teams will take turns tossing their bean bags onto the boards and hopefully in the holes. The couple with the most bags successfully on the board wins. 

For a complete breakdown of the point system and rules of the game, you can find the official cornhole explanation here


Ring Hunt

ring hunt

Do you remember those fun times of Easter Egg Hunting? Who said you couldn’t create a hunt of your own at your engagement party? Instead of eggs, be consistent with the wedding theme by hiding plastic rings throughout the venue.

Depending on the age group playing, you can level up the difficulty by hiding the rings in very specific locations. 

Whoever finds the most rings can win a small amount of cash, a gift card, or a tiny champagne bottle. The prize is solely up to you. 


Cocktail Matchup

bartender pouring drink

Taking a different direction from the previous kid-friendly games, this challenge is a must for any adult engagement party, especially if the party contains a variety of couples. The rules of the game are as follows: Each couple will decide on a cocktail that best represents the nature of their relationship. 

Once each couple has an idea, they can write the cocktail name on a sticky note and leave it to the designated bartender (or themselves) to create the drinks. After all the drinks are made, each couple will go around tasting all of the cocktails and match them to the couple they believe the drink belongs to. 

The couple that matches the most correct drinks to the others wins a small prize. For those who plan to make their own drinks, you can use these cocktail recipes as a guide for your bartending night. You will thoroughly enjoy the good nature of this game, especially as the night goes on with the drinks rolling. 


Karaoke Showdown

karaoke game

Kick the night off with a fun singing contest. As a twist to your typical karaoke night, have all of the couples write down the song that is most significant in their relationship. Every couple will take turns singing the songs that other couples have chosen and decide which pair the song matches with. Whoever gets the highest number of correct matches wins. 

If there is a lack of couples at the engagement party, simply decide a winner based on who gave the best performance. You and your guests will easily break the ice with this karaoke showdown and find yourselves singing the night away. 


Guess the Guest (20 Questions)

guessing game

Have you ever played 20 Questions? Well, you will love this engagement party twist to the familiar entertainment. All you will need is a stack of post-it notes, a pen, and a pre-made list of facts about each guest. 

Each player will take turns sticking a post-it note labeled with a guest’s name on their person. Without looking, the player will ask a series of 20 questions where the audience can only respond to with a “yes” or “no.” 

Based on the answers, the player will have to guess who’s name is written on the post-it note. For confirmation, the guests can look at the pre-made list of guests and their designated facts beside their names. With one easy game, the engagement party guests will be able to get to know each other and the engaged couple a bit better. 


Ring Toss

ring toss

Ring toss is a great outdoor activity for a family-friendly engagement party. To set the game up, you will need an empty bottle crate full of empty soda bottles and a bag of horse-shoe-sized plastic rings. 

The goal of the game is to toss the rings onto as many bottles as possible without knocking any of the containers over. Whoever successfully tosses the rings on the highest number of bottles wins the game. 


Wedding Attire Relay

wedding relay race

For another outdoor event, schedule a relay race with a fun and bridal-themed twist. Before the race begins, set up a rack of wedding dress costumes for the players to dress into. The game starts with everyone in their normal outfits. 

When the time starts, the players must quickly put on their wedding dresses and race to the finish line. Whoever gets to the finish line first with the dress properly worn wins the race. You will be sure to have everyone rolling with laughter as the many “brides” takes off for the finish line. 


Wedding Couple: Two Truths and a Lie

engagement party game

Get to know the future newlyweds better with this simple game. To prepare for the activity, the bride and groom will need to write down two lies about them or their relationship and a true fact. The host will call out all three written “facts” and the guests will have to pick the one they feel is the truth.

Whoever guesses the most correct answers wins the game. If you are struggling with what topics to reveal for this game, good engagement party-related topics may range from where the couple met, small adventures the couple has taken, or even the story of their first date. Keep the party fun with this wedding-themed Two Truths and a Lie. 


Wedding Photo Shoot

wedding party having photoshoot

Who knew you could turn a photo booth into an exciting activity at an engagement party? All it takes is gathering a group of wedding-related props in front of a bridal backdrop for the camera. Couples will take turns posing with the props for their own personal photo shoot. 

The couple who uses the props in the most unique or silly way wins the title of photo booth king and queen. Not only will you have fun with this activity, but your pictures will be a life-long lasting souvenir of this memorable event. 


Questions Also Asked

Who pays for dinner at an engagement party?

The host is typically held responsible for the engagement party dinner. The host can range from the maid of honor, the best man, or even the engaged couple. If the bride and groom’s parents are attending the party, they may pitch in their own money to help pay the tab. 


Do you open gifts at an engagement party?

Gifts are not a custom for an engagement party but are very much accepted. Unlike bridal showers, engagement parties are solely to congratulate and celebrate the happy couple before their big day. If you choose to bring a gift, it is best to give it to the couple away from the crowd to avoid an uncomfortable atmosphere. 


Engagement parties are put in place to gather the engaged couple and their guests for a day’s worth of fun before the big ceremony. Use this time to make memories with your closest friends and family members with these ten exciting engagement party games. 

You will be surprised how inexpensive and simple the planning process is to achieve the setup of these activities. Not only that, these fun ideas are all-inclusive and serve as tremendous icebreakers for the couple and the guests. Everyone at your engagement party will leave with life-long memories and completely prepared for the big day. 

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