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15 Hawaiian Wedding Songs To Play During Your Seaside Ceremony

After deciding what kind of Hawaiian wedding traditions will be included on their special day, many couples set aside some time for curating a romantic playlist with songs that are inspired by the culture of these Pacific Islands. 

For any brides and grooms who are unfamiliar with the kinds of Hawaiian wedding music that’ll sound dreamy during their destination wedding day, don’t sweat it!

Pay tribute to your waterfront celebration by finding some Hawaiian love songs today! 

If you’re searching for Hawaiian music beyond “Blue Hawaii” by Elvis Presley and “Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole for your wedding celebration, look no further!

Here’s our round-up of Hawaiian love songs to play during your espousal! 

“I’ll Weave a Lei of Stars For You” by Andy Williams

Lyrics: “Each time you wear my lei of stars / I’ll greet you with a kiss”

“I’ll Weave a Lei of Stars For You” is truly an essential among music for Hawaiian wedding ceremonies. Andy Williams’s music has brought people together during seaside ceremonies for over sixty years!

“(Love Song of) Kalua” by Diamond Head Beach Boys

Lyrics: “Our love will blossom bright / In the night / And stars will sing above”

Take a trip down memory lane with your music selection by adding “(Love Song of) Kalua.” It’s hard to imagine a better wedding song for a celebration with a vintage theme

“Tiny Bubbles” by Don Ho

Lyrics: “Tiny bubbles / Make me warm all over / With a feeling that I’m gonna / Love you till the end of time”

“Tiny Bubbles” has remained as a wedding staple since its initial release in 1966. Your guests will enjoy listening to every second of Don Ho’s lovely voice! 

“Waikiki” by Connie Francis 

Lyrics: “My whole life is empty without you / I miss that magic about you / Magic beside the sea”

Step back in time on your special day by requesting Hawaiian love songs like “Wakiki.” Connie Francis’s sound has yet to go out of style for any wedding scene on these Pacific Islands. 

“Blue Hawaiian Moonlight” by Gabby Pahinui 

Lyrics: “Blue Hawaiian moonlight / Find the one I adore / Spread your magic lovelight / Guide my ship to the shore”

A list of Hawaiian wedding songs would feel incomplete without mentioning Gabby Pahinui’s music. “Blue Hawaiian Moonlight” works especially well for newlyweds who favor longer tracks.

“Better Together” by Jack Johnson

Lyrics: “Sometimes life can be deceiving / I’ll tell you one thing, it’s always better when we’re together”

“Better Together” fits effortlessly on any playlist focused on Hawaiian romantic songs. There’s nothing about Jack Johnson’s folk rock melody that you won’t love! 

“The Rest Of Your Life” by Na Leo

Lyrics: “Cause I promise you / For the rest of your life / I will be there by your side”

For any brides and grooms who prefer piano ballads over a Hawaiian wedding song with ukuleles, “The Rest Of Your Life” becomes an easy choice. Na Leo’s tune will definitely become a hit among your guest list!

“Mele A Ka Pu’uwai” by Keali’l Rechel

Lyrics: “Express the deep affection / For the pulsing emotions in the heart / Missing the beauty that you are”

Bring your wedding dreams to life by playing music with Hawaiian song lyrics like “Mele A Ka Pu’uwani.” Keali’l Rechel certainly deserves some airplay during your romantic celebration!

“Honey Baby” by Three Plus

Lyrics: “So that I want you to know / That where ever you go / I wont be far away”

“Honey Baby” has the romantic lyrics that you expect to hear from a playlist of Hawaiian wedding songs. Don’t think twice about choosing Three Plus’s track for your first dance!

“Hanalei Moon” by Dennis Pavao 

Lyrics: “Every breeze / Every wave will whisper / You are mine / Don’t ever go away”

Liven up the moment on your special day by playing “Hanalei Moon.” Dennis Pavao’s popular wedding song never fails with taking everybody over the moon!

“Nightbird” by Kalapana

Lyrics: “Fly on through the night wind, take a star to her for me / Please, whisper I love her, tell her wait for me”

“Nightbird” is a must-have for any couple looking for Hawaiian love songs for their island-inspired wedding ceremony and reception. This tender tune from Kalapana surely won’t disappoint any of your guests!

“No One” by Maoli

Lyrics: “All I wanna do is just tell you girl / Promise that I love you when you rock my world”

When it comes to choosing a Hawaiian wedding song, “No One” is hard to beat. Maoli’s passionate sound is guaranteed to put everybody in a joyous mood!

“Dream Girl” by Kolohe Kai

Lyrics: “Your my dream girl, living in my dream world / I’m in love with you, please don’t wake me up” 

Bring some reggae flair to your Hawaiian music choices by requesting “Dream Girl.” Kolohe Kai’s music is simply too sweet to be excluded from your tropical wedding playlist. 

“Ku’u Hoa” by Robi Kahakalau 

Lyrics: “My desire (for you) is / Always in my heart” 

If you’re interested in a wedding song with an acoustic sound and Hawaiian lyrics, take a listen to “Ku’u Hoa.” You won’t regret playing Robi Kahakalau’s music on your special day!

“Simple Love Song” by Anuhea 

Lyrics: “It’s funny how four chords can tell the truth in so many ways / Been feeling it for awhile but I never had the time / Now I’m here to say”

Curate the ultimate playlist of Hawaiian love songs by including “Simple Love Song.” Anuhea’s charming voice will definitely become a favorite among your beach wedding party!

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