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Gay Wedding Ideas To Recreate For an Unforgettable Day

With same-sex marriage equality only being legalized in less than thirty countries within the past twenty years, many LGBTQ brides and grooms have used their own creativity to plan their espousals rather than seeking out a wedding planner or looking for inspiration from straight couples.

If you’re hosting an LGBTQ wedding but have no idea how to show off your pride, don’t sweat it! We’re here to help with our guide on same-sex wedding ideas!

LGBTQ Wedding Invitations

Give everybody a sneak preview by finalizing print or digital invitations that reflect the themes of your LGBTQ wedding day!

Unleashing your creativity by picking one of these gay wedding ideas!

“Love is Love” 

“Love is Love” is a timeless idea for the headline of your same-sex marriage invitations. Bring a smile to everyone’s faces by including one of your engagement photos


Watercolor invitations are never the wrong idea for announcing your LGBTQ wedding festivities. This colorful design works during any season of the year!

“Mr. and Mr.” or “Mrs. and Mrs.” 

When choosing print or digital invitations for their wedding days, many same sex couples use their honorifics as the headline. This design feels even more personal if you choose to customize the text in your own handwriting!


If you prefer a simple option to announce your same-sex marriage ceremony, create your invitations with personalized silhouettes! As a finishing touch, be sure to color your bowties or dresses with a rainbow color scheme! 

“At Last!” 

With same sex ceremonies only being legalized in the United States within the past decade, gay couples have often chosen “At Last!” as the headline for their invitations. It’s hard to imagine a better option that’ll make your guests excited to attend your LGBTQ wedding celebration!

LGBT Wedding Attire

During the wedding planning process, many brides and grooms skip out on white gowns and black suits or tuxedos to wear a colorful alternative.

Discover your inspiration for LGBTQ wedding outfits today! 

Bridal Attire

When it comes to bridal attire for a same-sex marriage ceremony, a dip-dyed gown always proves to be a show-stopper. Feel free to pair this non-traditional wedding dress with a rainbow garter or veil

Some women choose to both wear wedding gowns in different styles, while other couples opt for one bride in a dress and another in a suit. Whether you both want to wear ball gowns, different style of dresses, or jumpsuits, allow your personal style to shine through! Neither bride could wear a dress, or you both could – whatever makes you feel comfortable and beautiful!


During an LGBT wedding, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a bold dress in the solid colors of the rainbow like purple, orange, and red. These ensembles look their best when paired with matching accessories like flower crowns and fascinators. 


Many grooms take the opportunity to wear vibrant colors during their gay wedding ceremony that would feel inappropriate during other kinds of events. 

If you prefer wearing a traditional outfit, embrace your LGBT identity by wearing a rainbow tie instead of a standard color. Consider replacing your plain socks with rainbow ones as well!

The grooms may choose to match, or they may choose different suits or different color ties and accessories to stand out.


When finalizing your groomsmen attire for a same-sex marriage celebration, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Take advantage of the vibrant theme of an LGBTQ wedding by wearing shoes with vivid soles instead of black oxfords or loafers! Add another splash of color to your ensemble by swapping out a standard pair of cufflinks for rainbow ones. 

LGBT Wedding Decorations

An LGBTQ wedding feels incomplete without decking out your event space with vivid decorations! 

Take a look at our suggestions for wedding decorations that you’ll love as a same-sex couple! 

Colorful Centerpieces

Colorful centerpieces made out of bold flowers are a solid addition to any kind of same-sex marriage reception. These floral arrangements will definitely leave everybody in amazement!

Rainbow Table Runners

Bring your same-sex wedding ideas to life by fixing rainbow runners on your reception tables. These personal touches will certainly steal the show during your espousal!

Colorful Curtains

Colorful curtains never fail as a gorgeous backdrop for same sex weddings. Everybody is guaranteed to be stunned by these creative accents!

Rainbow Honeycomb Balls

You can never go wrong with decorating your venue with rainbow honeycomb balls. Your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off this vibrant decor at your same-sex marriage celebration!

Colorful Pennants

Jazz up the setting of your gay wedding ceremony and reception by including colorful pendants. These striking decorations will feel right at home during a nautical themed event

Rainbow Heart Ornaments

Show off your pride by incorporating rainbow heart ornaments among your venue decorations. These accents feel especially appropriate for an LGBT wedding experience planned around Christmastime

Colorful Tassel Garlands

Spruce up the reception venue of your LGBTQ wedding by hanging up colorful tassel garlands. Your guests will definitely remember this vibrant decor for the years to come! 

LGBT Wedding Music

Make the most of your gay wedding ceremony and reception by curating a playlist with LGBT anthems! 

If you need help with narrowing down your options for LGBTQ wedding music, we’ve come to the rescue with our fun suggestions!

“I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross

If you and your future spouse are fans of disco music, playing “I’m Coming Out” becomes a no-brainer. Diana Ross’s iconic song will definitely get everybody out of their seats during your same-sex marriage reception!

“Express Yourself” by Madonna

Step back in time with your LGBTQ wedding tunes by including “Express Yourself” on your reception playlist. Madonna’s hit is simply too famous to be forgotten on your special day!

“2 Becomes 1” by The Spice Girls

Create the perfect scene during your LGBT wedding reception by requesting “2 Becomes 1.” This 90s track by the Spice Girls will certainly be a crowd-pleaser!

“Born This Way” by Lady Gaga

Encourage your LGBT wedding party to hit the dance floor by queuing “Born This Way.” Everybody will definitely let loose when listening to Lady Gaga’s empowering hit! 

LGBT Wedding Activities 

Get everybody out of their seats by scheduling some festivities that’ll photograph beautifully during your LGBTQ wedding day. 

Here’s our round-up of activities that you can include as part of your gay wedding ceremony and reception! 

Tie Your Hands With Rainbow Ribbons 

Go the extra mile with your gay wedding ideas by handfasting with rainbow ribbons. Don’t be shocked if this unity ceremony brings a tear to everybody’s eyes!

Jump in a Colorful Ball Pit

Who says you can’t set up a ball pit for your same-sex marriage reception? This fun activity will certainly be enjoyed by your entire wedding party! 

Include Smoke Bombs

Create a memorable candid moment during your LGBT wedding by setting off smoke bombs with your guest list. Make sure to double check that these fireworks are permitted at your event venue. 

Light Rainbow Sparklers

Keep the party going during your espousal by providing everybody with rainbow sparklers! This special moment works especially well for a gay wedding ceremony that is planned during new year’s eve.

Release Colorful Lanterns

Light up the night of your same-sex marriage by launching these colorful hot air balloons into the sky. This common trend will surely inspire romantic feelings in every single one of your guests! 

Smack a Rainbow Pinata

rainbow wedding pinata

Bring some excitement to your special day by hanging up a rainbow pinata for you and your significant other to break open! Don’t hesitate to fill the insides with mini plastic liquor bottles instead of candy!

Play a Game of Colorful Croquet 

If you’ve booked an outdoor reception venue for your LGBTQ wedding day, a game with colorful croquet equipment becomes a must-have. This old-fashioned activity will feel right at home during a vintage espousal! 

LGBT Wedding Desserts 

When finalizing the menu of your LGBTQ wedding, don’t think twice about choosing an option that matches the colorful scheme of this event.

Read all about our recommendations for your dessert table! 

Confetti Cake

Go all out with your gay wedding ideas by ordering a confetti cake to serve for your guest list. They’ll enjoy every minute of eating this delicious food choice! 

Rainbow Cookies

Keep your LGBTQ wedding ideas short and simple by choosing rainbow cookies as your final course. Everybody will definitely be pleased by these sweet desserts! 

Colorful Cupcakes

Play up the vibrant theme of your same-sex marriage event by offering colorful cupcakes to your wedding party. Don’t be surprised if anybody asks for seconds!

Rainbow Donuts

For any same-sex couples who prefer an alternative for their reception dessert, rainbow donuts will certainly do the trick. Your wedding guests won’t be able to forget this creative option!

LGBT Wedding Favors

Send your wedding party home with a special reminder of the love that was celebrated during your same-sex marriage festivities! 

Find the perfect party from our list of fabulous ideas!

Rainbow Flags

Bring your same-sex wedding ideas to life by providing rainbow flags as party favors to your attendees. As something that can be easily purchased in bulk, these presents are ideal for brides and grooms with a larger guest list. 

Blue Feathers

If you and your future spouse are hosting a bohemian wedding, blue feathers are hard to beat as party favors. This possibility works for lesbian and gay couples who are hoping to stay within a particular budget for these gifts. 

Unicorn Plushies

Pay tribute to your gay wedding ceremony and reception by giving out unicorn plushies to your guest list. This mythical creature has become associated with an LGBT sexual orientation due to its colorful mane and tail. 

White Knots

If you’re looking for a simple alternative that won’t feel out of place with your LGBT wedding theme, white knots are your answer. These symbols were originally popularized in 2008 as a symbol of support in the face of prohibitions against same-sex marriages. 

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