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22 Ideas for Your Second Wedding

As you probably already know, planning a wedding is an important and personal process. When it’s your first time planning a wedding, it probably seems like there are endless new things to consider and plan in order to make the day perfect. When it comes to second wedding ideas, however, your priorities may have changed. 

If it’s your second rodeo, your set of struggles with the planning journey might feel totally different. You may be wondering how to plan a wedding that still feels true to you, but different from your first one.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to have an amazing day, even the second time around. Keep reading for more second wedding ideas as well as answers to common questions about planning a second wedding. 

What’s Different About Your Second Wedding?

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You might be wondering what’s even different about a second wedding, and why are there special concerns? Well, that’s probably up to you! However, there are some common concerns that people have with second weddings, mainly how to make them different from the first!

With that comes a new venue, a new dress, and a new theme. There are other considerations too, like who from the first wedding to invite.

Many people getting married a second time want to keep the second wedding smaller or more casual, as they may feel that they did the big and fancy shindig before.

Second Wedding Etiquette

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You may be wondering if certain wedding conventions are still appropriate for a second wedding.

Can We Still Have a Registry?

Yes! Your guests will still want to give you gifts. You may want to distance yourself from the standard household items that a first-married couple ask for, and go for some more personal picks. You can get more wedding registry ideas here.

Do I Have to Acknowledge That I’ve Been Married Before in My Vows?

Not if you don’t want to or if it would be awkward. Your wedding is a day to celebrate this new love in your life, not to harp on the past.

Can I Have a Religious Ceremony?

This is up to you and your future spouse and the religion you belong to. Some conservative or orthodox religions still don’t believe in divorce and remarriage, but if having a religious ceremony is important to you, you should talk to your local faith leader.

Who to Invite?

You may be wondering if it’s appropriate to invite your ex or their family and friends. While some may find this awkward, ultimately it’s your wedding, and it’s up to you– if you have a great relationship with anyone you met through your past marriage, then you should have them there, as long as you discuss it with your new partner. 

22 Casual Second Wedding Ideas

If any of these concerns resonate with you, then you may need some ideas or inspiration to activate the wedding of your dreams. The most important thing to remember is that your wedding is about you in the present and in the future– the past is in the past, and you’ve grown as a person by virtue of time, and your wedding will surely reflect that! 

Once you get an idea of what you may want to do, you can start fine-tuning the details. From issues of who to invite to just full-on eloping, keep reading for ideas for your second wedding.

Pre-Second Wedding

One of the most exciting events before a wedding is a bridal shower. However, in theory, a bride who’s already been married would have all of the standard bridal gifts.

That doesn’t have to mean you have no shower! You can use it as a fun party. A “getting to know you” game like this one above celebrates your long-term friendships and new love.

Similarly, an older bride may not want to do the crazy bachelorette party that a younger one might. Instead, do something comfortable and cozy, like this backyard movie night with your girlfriends.

You may also want to carry that relaxed feel into the rehearsal dinner. Instead of something fancy, like at a restaurant, an easy backyard pizza party will surely leave everyone happy and ready for the big day later. And it’s minimal planning for you!

A More Relaxed Ceremony

This may also mean a more chill ceremony, like maybe something outside instead of at a fancy and expensive venue. This boho set up is gorgeous for an outdoor ceremony– the rugs making an aisle and the baby’s breath features will be wonderful to celebrate your special day.

In fact, you could even do it in your backyard if you so wanted! This is a beautiful way to signify that your love takes place in your home and that you care more about the ceremony than you do about the glamour. It celebrates the beautiful home and love you’ve fostered.

Put up this cute sign to subvert the traditional “bride’s side” and “groom’s side” ceremony seating. This isn’t a divided event– everyone here is a loved one! This does a lot to foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all guests.

No Bridal Party

You may also choose to forego a bridal or wedding party. This is totally reasonable for a second wedding– you’re older, and everyone in your life knows that you love and cherish them. A ceremony without a wedding party places more focus on you as a couple, as you’re the only ones standing and walking down the aisle.

This may also mean that you give other family members, like parents and grandparents, less of a role in the big day. This is totally okay to do, especially because everyone involved is older than before. However, if you would still like them to play a role, like walking the bride down the aisle, there’s no reason not to.

Incorporating Children

If you’ve been married before and had children, you may want to incorporate them into the wedding ceremony as well, since they’re getting a new family too. One way is to have them walk down the aisle– this little sign is so cute!

You may also want them to say a piece or give their “own vows”. This is another sweet way to make them feel included in the blending of a new family and to show them that their input is appreciated and valued.

For a very little child, this wagon is such a cute way to get them to “walk” down the aisle! They might not remember it when they get older, but everyone else surely will. Just deck the whole thing out in some tulle and lace, and it’s an adorable wedding wagon!

Acknowledging Loss

For some, a wedding is a bittersweet event due to the reminder of personal loss. Whether this stems from being a widow or widower or due to the loss of other family members, like parents, acknowledging those who couldn’t be there to see the big day is a nice thing to do. This table with the portraits of those individuals is a beautiful way to honor their legacy.

It is also feasible to acknowledge this loss in your vows. Let your officiant know that you would like to have something said about a late first spouse or other family members that you would have liked to spend the special day with. If you’re unsure how to talk to your officiant about these things, you can read 12 questions to ask your wedding officiant.

Chill Reception

Like your ceremony, you may wish to host a more relaxed reception as opposed to a more formal soiree you may have had for your first wedding. As always, there’s nothing quite like a homey backyard shindig. These picnic benches and string lights are a marvelous way to ring in a new stage of your life.

You can abandon all traces of formality by erasing the idea of a seating plan have a BBQ buffet for your special day. By encouraging fun dancing and getting the alcohol flowing, you’re saying goodbye to any stuffy notions.

Another cute thing you may want to do is to be escorted out with sparklers! This picture-perfect moment literally has sparks flying as you walk into this new chapter of your life’s story.

Second Bridal Dress

Some second-time brides would like to wear a dress that’s more relaxed or more “them”. This pick is sexy and chill without being too revealing or immature– the silk and the buttons are youthful and beautiful, while the long sleeves show some maturity.

For something even more unconventional, wear a wedding jumpsuit! The wedding jumpsuit is chic and looks great on everyone. This is a feminine and mature way to forgo the classic cupcake wedding concoction for something a bit more sleek.

Even better– go short! This racetrack inspired look is feminine, classic, and tea length, pushing the folds of traditional gowns a little further. The big, fun hat is also a great way to rework a classic veil for a chic older bride.

Destination Second Wedding

For a second wedding, some may just choose to elope! This is an intimate choice that honors the beauty of your love. Like shown in this photo, you can find an intimate beach, get married with an officiant and a witness, and have a cute picnic.

If you and your fiancee are some sort of mountaineers, getting married on a cliffside is a cute choice for adrenaline junkies. This photo is absolutely beautiful and it signifies that you’re willing to “jump and fall” for your new, true love.

You may want to still have guests at a destination. Thankfully, you can get married with a small guest list at many different places around the world. Something like this incredible room at an island resort will be unforgettable for you and your guests.

More About Wedding Planning

Here at Yeah Weddings, we’re here to help you plan every aspect of your big day. From ideas for save the dates to bouquets, be sure to keep reading for everything you may need.

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